Friday, 27 March 2015

Peter C Williams RIP

I am sad to have to report the passing of Peter Willims recently. Peter died at the good age of 95 at his home in Potter Heighham in Norfolk.
Peter, like myself, was a founder member of the National Front and it was to his untiring efforts as South London Organiser that transformed the South London NF presence to one in which there was a NF Branch in very Borough of South London.
Peter was a member of the NF Directorate for quite a time and stood as a Parliamentary candidate for us four times.
He will be missed, though the spirit of good White Nationalists will live on in the Front.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Serbian Nationalists Q&A request

We were requested to respond to a Serbian White Nationalist Group and I have done so - see below....

Answers by Eddy Morrison, Director of Propaganda and Media, National Front

1.Tell us something about NF beginning?
The National Front was formed in February 1967 as a merger of a number of British Nationalist groups. The main groups  were the British National Party (not connected to the Neo-Tory one we now have), the League of Empire Loyalists, the Racial Preservation Society and the Greater Britain Movement.
The name 'Front' was chosen to show we a Movement for the unity of all British Nationalists.

2.How active is NF today and where is NF present in England?
The National Front is very active today far more than any of the years since the early 1980's.
Every week sees NF members holding 'Flash Demos' in many areas of the UK.
Sometimes we have two or more on the same day.

3. Your opinion about EDL?
The EDL is a State run organisation and is pro-Zionist. The EDL is also almost finished. The younger men leaving the EDL are coming on many NF demonstrations and we are showing them the deeper political meaning of White Nationalism and that the struggle is not just a struggle against Islam but also a global struggle against World Zionism (ZOG)

4. Did you have any problems with commie scum?
Not as much as in the past though Antifa attacked a demonstration in Newcastle last Saturday and some Nationalists were hurt. The Reds cannot turn out the numbers they once could but Antifa is a European wide organisation and we often hear German, French or Dutch speakers amongst this organisation.
Antifa we take seriously. Normal liberal-reds we can beat and do beat any time. We face off to Antifa but we ask all European White Nationalists to keep on eye on this group and perhaps we could be sharing information on a violently anti-Nationalist terror organisation. I myself was attacked by them in 2005 receiving a head wound that caused 36 stitches.

5. What is the biggest problem in England?
The British White people! We know they are with us in the majority but it needs a lot to get them moving. British people are not very politically aware. However we are growing again after years of stagnation. In the late 1970's our membership was around 20,000

6. What’s your opinion about increasing of Islam in Europe?

We oppose the formation of a Eurabia. We are not against individual Muslims but their whole way of life is not consistent with a European one and we would humanely repatriate them back to their countries of origin.

7. Do you have any problems with Law?
On some occasions yes but generally no. Although we know that we have police informers within our Movement.

8. What you think about Ian Stuart Donaldson?
Ian Stuart was an incredibly brave and intelligent White Nationalist. I knew him personally and he joined the NF in the early 1980's. We know Ian established Blood and Honour and the NF regards him as a Hero of the White Race. We are still suspicious as the circumstances surrounding his sudden 'accidental' death.

9. Is it active Blood and Honour movement in England?
Yes, member of the NF are part of it but I am not. The NF sees B&H as a good home for Nationalists who like the White Power music scene. Quite a number of B&H members are in the NF.

10. Are you familiar with problems of Serbian land Kosovo which is occupied by Shqiptars (Muslims)?
Yes. When the trouble first started when Tito died our initial impulse was to support Croatia as it has a long tradition of Nationalism. We still applaud the idea of a free Croatia.
However when we saw that the Globalist forces were attacking Serbia we knew that Serbia must be doing something right and to this day one can often see Serbian National flags at our bigger marches and demonstrations.
We area long way from Kosova so can tell you little on that score but we believe that the charges of war crimes against Serbian leaders is illegal and just 'kangaroo justice.
Slobodan Milošević should never have been charged with 'war crimes'. He was standing up for his fellow Serbs. Again his death was suspicious too.

11. Are there left any IRA terrorists in England?
The IRA has gone to ground but they are still there. Many of their worst murderers now have position of power in the Ulster Parliament. Last Saturday the NF carried out an anti-IRA demo in Scotland.

12. What is your opinion about general Ratko Mladic who fought against Islam and today is in the Hague tribunal because of that?
Again its the justice of the ZOG victors. His trial should be declared both illegal and unfair.

13. And for the end your message to all Serbian National Socialists…
To all Serbian National Socialists and to European White Nationalists every where we say - NEVER GIVE UP -NEVER BACK DOWN AND LETS TAKE EUROPE BACK FOR THE WHITE RACE!
14 Words
Eddy Morrison
on behalf of the National Front (UK)

Friday, 20 March 2015

White Pride Day 28th March 2015

Statement from the Party Chairman, Kevin Bryan
With just over a week to go to White Pride Day you can imagine that Antifa and the other groups of red trash are working up a fury.
The majority of these Reds will be brainwashed Marxist student types, conditioned idiots clearly unable to think for themselves.
What makes it sad is that a great many of these red students will be white, people with blood running through their veins that could be traced back to the brave warrior Celts, Anglo Saxon, Viking etc. These Reds have no pride in their past, they have no incline of true white history, they hang their heads in shame at any mention of the holocaust or the slave trade, their rose tinted glasses prevent them seeing the truth and instead they drip in White guilt with their every word and action.
Next week they will be screaming all their bile at patriots who have made the journey north to celebrate their culture, history & pride in their White Race.
Later on in the year these very same Red students will be mincing through the same City celebrating the obscene Gay Pride parade, an occasion where militant queens, Paedophiles and every deviant imaginable struts and minces through the streets.
Thousands of locals line the streets cheering and dancing to the freak show. How sad it is then that these thousands of northern people won't be turning out to celebrate their own WHITE PRIDE!
Kev Bryan
National Front

Thursday, 19 March 2015

National Front wins VICTORY with Electoral Commission!

Electoral Commission registers the  Party!
Dateline - 19th March 2015
I am pleased to announce that we have today received conformation from the Electoral Commission that they have accepted our application to re-register the National Front.

The last few months have been stressful times for the party Directorate but we were always confident that our application would be accepted.
An announcement will be made on the General Election in the next few days.
We would like to thank everyone for remaining loyal & strong through these stressful times for the National Front.
Onwards and upwards!
Kevin Bryan
National Front

Monday, 16 March 2015

Let ancient freedoms fly........

Let ancient freedoms fly
I'm told by men that long ago
a Charter Great was written
To give us air and light and speech
'Fore iron chains were smitten

I'm told that men in forest green
fought wild and wide and free
for rights and life and liberty
for their land was blessed be

I'm told that man in khaki brown
In blood and mud and gore
Fought and died for Britain's sake
So our words could live, could soar

I'm told that men in gold and blue
O'er Britain's skies did fly
to guard our rights and way of life
that all speech shall be free

I'm told that dark jowled jailer men
took my life, my love, my land
These enemies of love now rule
with chains and gold in hand

I'm told that Door is tighter locked
and tighter locked shall be
for free speech lays within my cell
no thoughts, no words for me

I see my land so shackled down
I see our truth and rights
Can only fly when Freedom's free
and from this cell' I'll fight

Till dark jowled men are overthrown
and chains and prisons gone
when my folk speak and think their thoughts
and a our Nation shall be won

- Eddy Morrison (2015)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Fake National Front drops all immigration policies?????

If by chance you happen upon the hijacked website run by the group of politically amoral fraudsters still calling themselves 'National Front' and you check out their proposed policy on Immigration - you will find a cosy little picture entitled "Immigration Policy" but unlike its bedfellow Policy Pictures, the Immigration one has no link. You, or God forbid, a member of the general public, will remain blissfully unaware of what this crack-pot group actually have by way of an immigration policy.
Although we are still tapping our feet in frustration at the Electoral Commissions prevarication in recognising that there is only one NF - us, it goes to show that if the "Edward - Jaggers - Nick Griffin" plotters have their way then they will drop the issue of repatriation!
If the unlikly thing happens and the EC actually registered these nutcases as the National Front, then you would just have yet another version of the Griffinite BNP - and maybe this time, we might also see the gentleman himself bring his no-member British Unity Party (which exists only on Facebook)
into this weird set-up and again see Griffin as head of the "National Front"! - of course I could be wrong?????
Any resemblance to any real person is purely coincidental.
Who the woman is, we have to guess at.......

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Join ANA Chairman Rodney Martin and Susan Yarbrough, wife of Order Hero & ZOG POW Gary Yarbrough for a ANN Radio Special 2-Hour Telethon to raise funds for Gary’s Legal Fund and to support Susan who has worked full time to bring Gary home while raising her grandchild and assisting with the care of her father. 
Susan is the ideal example of Aryan Womanhood and needs our People’s help to get her husband, one of our POW’s out of the Gulag.
Join us and tune in Sunday March 29, 2015 from 4PM to 6PM ET for Music, Special Guests and much more.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

National Front Radio

Our First Broadcast 9.00pm Tuesday 10th March
For past, present and future broadcasts
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