Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Warriors and the Fleas

I have just got my copy of "The White Nationalist" which is capably run by Comrade Peter and in it there is an extremely good quote from Ian Stuart -

Ian Stuart Donaldson
'The enormity of our task is almost beyond comprehension. Sometimes state oppression,red opposition, and treachery by traitors in our midst makes us all feel like giving up-but at all costs we must continue our battle. Our fight begins in Europe, and spreads across the White World. Certain moments in our lives makes us realise the massive importance of our task. I have walked through Antwerp in the early evening as Nationalists gather in the bars. The beautiful architecture in the Flemish City embodies European genius - the evening in Rotterdam, as the lights of the great Dutch City sparkle as we have been made welcome by our comrades; an afternoon in Stockholm,frost upon the ground, then a journey on the train to Gothenburg as the beauty of Sweden and Scandinavia hypnotises me. I think of Germany, France, Italy and all the other great nations of Europe. Then I think of our cousinsin the U.S.A., Australia, and beyond. Whitemen made these nations and if White men do not stand up and fight their enemies our world will crumble. If this happens, when we are gone, someday and somewhere, the ghosts of the warriors who did fight will stand and accuse those cowards who did not. That will be the day of reckoning. We must all make some kind of contribution, and my songs are but a small part of what I hope to contribute to the survival of the White Race.'

I have seen many comrades fall over the decades this struggle has been my life. It that time many have fallen, good street soldiers, doing their best and their bit to make final victory over ZOG a possibility.
Amongst those many some in particular stand out - Colin Jordan, John Tyndall, John Peacock, Stanley Clayton-Garnett and Ian Stuart. I know I have missed many out but time and space is an issue.
I would call the above men 'Racial Warriors' who gave their whole, and in some cases their very lives trying to achieve totality of victory.
They are the giants who would never back down and never leave the Cause.
Today in the National Front we have some who are also Warriors, and some younger White Nationalists who will shape up to become our future Warriors.
Each and every one - as Ian points out - gives their all and puts petty spite and disruption to one side.
Ian said "and treachery by traitors in our midst". I would add something to that. Every Warrior fighting the struggle were 'Men of Honour' yet each and every one of them had to continually swat of the fleas that hover around the British Nationalist scene, their only reason to exist being to find fault with we who are giving our lives.
Ian was no exception and neither was JT (and neither am I - though I'm only a minor Warrior).
These fleas are not 'Men of Honour' or 'Woman of Honour' (as was Lady Jane Birdwood). They are the fleas - actually worse than traitors who for reasons of their own, usually their own inadequacy who  cannot wait to get in a dig when anything positive is happening and who buzz in their Fleaish glee, when an attack on a prominent White Nationalists hits near home.

The Fleas feed on rumour, innuendo and downright lies, and in my opinion are far worse than the Reds. At least there we have an enemy we can see.
My life has been plagued by them - fighting ZOG is very like hacking away with what ever weapons you have to hand, through a thick jungle and all the time having to put up with the Flea bites of these 'nationalists'.

There is no easy answer, ignoring them and soldiering on seems the only way. But one day, when we do achieve final victory, though I think I might be long gone by then, I would hope that the White Nationalist Movement will turn its power against these Fleas and swot them out of existence for good!
Eddy Morrison

Monday, 21 July 2014

Griffin steps down as BNP Leader....

......but don't get too excited!
Griffin had been replaced as acting chairman by Adam Walker following a meeting of the party's national executive committee.
Griffin, who will take the new role of party president, lost his seat in the European Parliament in May.
The party has suffered a string of electoral setbacks in recent years, getting just over 1% of the vote in May's European elections.
The BNP has also lost the majority of its local council seats in England.
Mr Griffin has been the public face of the BNP for more than a decade, during which time the party increased its popular support despite being dogged by allegations of racism, which it has always rejected.
Under his leadership, the party's vote in European elections had increased from 1.1% in 1999 to 3.9% in 2004 and 6.2% in 2009, when Mr Griffin was himself elected as an MEP.
'United' In 2009, Mr Griffin was invited to appear on Question Time, the BBC's flagship political discussion show. It was a total disaster!
Griffin mumbled himself through the talk-show and was at one point seen smiling inanely
at a Black woman who was on the panel.
The whole Nationalist movement in Great Britain squirmed with embarrassment as Griffin answered questions as if he was either drunk or had walked into the studio broadcasting 'Jackanory'.

In recent years, the party's fortunes have declined steeply amid internal fighting.
Andrew Brons, the BNP's other representative in the European Parliament, quit the party in 2012 to become an independent, while Mr Griffin was challenged for his position last year.
Mr Griffin, who was declared bankrupt earlier this year, failed to secure re-election as MEP for the North West of England in May as the party lost its deposit in all the UK's electoral regions in which it fielded candidates.
The BNP blamed its poor performance on the rise of UKIP, which it said had become the party of choice for protest votes about Europe and immigration.
On Monday, the BNP published a statement on its website announcing the change at the top.
"Recently appointed deputy chairman, Adam Walker, has accepted the role of acting chairman of the British National Party after Nick Griffin stepped aside at a meeting of the BNP National Executive, held on 19 July.
"The full national executive are united in their support for Adam in this role. Nick Griffin has taken up the position of president."
That's the worse bit - Griffin is now the 'President of the BNP'. What that will mean we do not know, it could be another sly Griffin shift or the few BNP members left have finally junked him aside.
Bankrupt - a political leper, even by White Nationalists, Griffin is the epitome of failure.
His leadership seemed almost a planned destruction of breaking up the BNP as one purge of good officers followed another.
Many of the best BNP members made the only sensible decision and joined the National Front.
A bankrupt and out of shape Griffin after stepping down from the 
leadership of the BNP

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

New NF Site - problems fixed

I've spent most of the day (my 65th birthday by the way - I am now officially old) - trying to solve the problems of page alignment with the new site

I have finally found the bug in the page code and it is rectified. I have changed some pages already but over the net few days, all pages should show a correct alignment and be viewed on your laptops, notebooks, mobiles and PC's.
My aim then is to get the site to Number One in the Google rankings. At the moment members of the public searching the words 'National Front' will come across the fake and fraudulent site which is in the hands of The Wrecking Crew ("Our aim - to destroy the National Front!")
The long task of site submissions now begins and if you have a blog or site, linking it to will help in moving it up the ranking.
Basically mention it as much as you can on social networking and in any published Internet material.
The quicker I get this site to number one, the faster the fraudulent activities (receiving monies under false pretences) of the Wrecking Crew,can be brought to its sad and dismal end.
Personal Comment:- I worked with Ian Edward for the best part of three years and found him usually impossible to reach and trying to get him to write an article just didn't happen.
The man is lacklustre, avoids physical confrontations and is a moral coward. I was warned that in writing this sort of statement, I am risking a libel case.
Please let's have a libel case paid for by the Wreckers! I will be happy to repeat what I both say and know in any court in the land.......
.......and you know, I think I might just win the case too!

URGENT! Message from the National Chairman of the National Front

Dear White Patriots,
If you have sent in your membership fee this year to the London Box then you are not yet a member of the NF. If you received a card from the money you sent to the London Box please email proof of this with a photo and/or any other evidence that you have been issued a card by a group which is not the NF.
If you have any concerns then my number is 075427554497 and I will pleased to hear from you.
Email address:
Any member who has renewed through the London Box and their subscription being taken falsely then the National Front will issue you with the correct card free of charge to cover 2014.
I have come across quite a number of people who have renewed or joined and we have no record of them. 
I have checked into the reason why this happened and am certain that not all enquiries were dealt with.
This has now been rectified with the appointment of Kevin McMahon as National Enquiries Officer.
I do not expect any further problems now we have a loyal and efficient new officer.
For Race and Nation
Kev Bryan
National Chairman

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

ZOG Police arrest young White male for Facebook entry

Above: Proposed huge mosque gets Labour Council approval
A TEENAGER has been arrested after allegedly posting a racist threat against a mosque on Facebook.

Leon Richmond, aged 18, from Smithills, is alleged to have made an "offensive" comment about the proposed new mosque in Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge, on a Facebook page.
He has been bailed by police, who have warned that more arrests will follow.
The proposed mosque, which was given approval by Bolton Council members earlier this month, will be built on a plot of land off Canning Street.
Det Insp Charlotte Cadden, from Bolton North Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “An 18-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of making racial threats to cause criminal damage.
“This is the first of a number of arrests we will be making"
Are you proud of yourself Mr. Cadden? Have you nothing better to do than arrest a young man for making a Facebook entry?
Britain's police are being used as a club to smash down any opposition to multi-racialism and it STINKS!

Kent Housing puts Asians first - its OFFICIAL!

Adverts clearly stating that “Asian” applicants will get priority for accommodation have appeared in Chatham, Kent, and have already been condemned by a Government housing minister.
Imagine the outcry if adverts appeared saying that priority for the taxpayer-subsidised scheme would be given to White people!
The housing association behind the offer has, however, defended its actions and refused to change its stance.
The adverts in question, posted online, say that “preference will be given to Asian applicants.”
White Britons wake up! The ZOG System is stealing your country!
Join the National Front and help changed things!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

New Official site - some advice

I am in the process of slowly getting the new official website of the NF up and running.
I am not using a template but doing most of the HTML coding as I believe using a set template which various commercial organisations give you, you are inhibited by their adverts and a lot of the sites just look the same.
I have a long way to go but the site is live. I am building it on a wide screen PC, so what looks perfect to me can look stretched depending on your screen resolution. Strangely its also perfect on my mobile.
I will adjust things in time but for the moment all you have to do is use your side bottom browser bar to see the NF site in full.
Here's a tip to be going on with....
In Internet explorer you can use these shortcuts.
Other browsers are similar.

CTRL +(plus)       Zoom In
CTRL + (minus)       Zoom Out
CTRL + mouse scroll wheel

Saturday, 12 July 2014

New National Front site!!!

I am pleased to announce that we now have a National Front site which will be very much like the one of two years ago with plenty of news updates, articles and archive material.
The site is owned by the National Front itself which gives it the stamp of being an OFFICIAL website. Other NF sites are not affected.
We have also a great domain name. If you wish to send in articles and news items when we are ready then please do so. Its a site for all patriots.
The site can be found at
Its under construction at the moment but I hope we can get its basics up and running within the next week.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tess Culnane, NF London Organiser speaks......

National Front Greater London Organiser Tess Culnane on Renegade Broadcasting
Click here to listen to the interview Tess Culnane
              Tess Culnane speaking at a recent NF rally

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New National Front Enquiry Line

Will all Patriots please note that the Main Enquiry Line for the National Front is
The new NF Enquiries Officer will be sending out MUCH IMPROVED enquiry packs with new leaflets, policy statement and much more...Enquire now! Just phone in and leave your details.
Will any enquirers who submitted their details to the old Enquiry Officer's line and never received an information pack, please phone again so the Front can get your application form to you.
Finally, we have got a solid and this time utterly reliable Enquiries Team together!