Wednesday, 26 November 2014

25 November 2014 Atlantic Axis Radio - Talk with Eddy Morrison

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Dave Jones who hosts the Atlantic Axis Radio show which is also part of the American Nationalist Network.
The interview lasts 90 minutes and covers a lot of below

The coming Corporate State

Book: The Coming Corporate State
Author: Raven Thomson
ISBN-13: 9781908476746
Binding: 8.5"x5.5" Gloss Laminated
Publisher: Black House Publishing
Number Of Pages: 64
Reward Points: 0
Price: £6.99 ‘The Coming Corporate State’ contains the blue-print or master plan for the complete restructuring of the British economy that would have followed the advance to power of the British Union of Fascists led by Oswald Mosley. It would have involved the greatest redistribution of wealth ever to take place in Britain.
The author of this book, and architect of the British Corporate State, was Scots-born Alexander Raven Thomson: the Director of Policy and leading intellectual of the British Union. Raven describes how all businesses above a certain size would pass into the common ownership of a corporate body comprising workers, managers and consumers. The profits of each business would go directly to the people who worked in that business – rather than to absentee shareholders (as with capitalism) or to the state (as with orthodox socialism). All major decisions would be determined by a Board comprising the three groups of stakeholders already described. This policy drew on the syndicalist tradition long popular in southern Europe but developed and refined to serve the needs of British working people.
The British Corporate State would also have been a key element in British Union’s proposed system of electoral reform based on a vocational franchise. As communism, state socialism and capitalism have become increasingly discredited as economic role models for the 21st century, the syndical ideas of Raven, Sorel, Orage and Arthur Penty demand closer examination.
Available from Steven Books

Friday, 21 November 2014

'Britain First Party' claim victory in Rochester after being beaten by the Monster Raving Looney Party!!!!

Paul Golding, tin-pot leader of the tin-pot outfit the - BFP has made the ridiculous claim that the win at Rochester by UKIP was really all down to the Britain First party's efforts.
They secured a shameful 56 votes being driven down the poll by just about everyone.
The BFP vote is one that should be both buried and quickly hushed up.
Instead the bully and self-promoter, Golding, has now stated making outrageous claims that his party actually won the seat for UKIP!

I suppose with 0.14% of the vote, he has to think of something after this atrocious result.
So - he's turned to Jesus!
Golding is claiming that the good Lord is on his side so they cannot loose.

The National Front has less than not time at all for Golding and his pseudo-military tactics. We are also very much aware of the tirade of abuse he directed against two OAP members of the NF in Rochester two weeks ago.
He was screaming 'racists', 'nazis' into their faces and generally behaving like a maniac. The police stepped in as it looked like Golding was going to actually physically assault our members.
Golding in fact was screaming the same 'political swear words' usually reserved for the Anti-Fascist left wing mob.
The NF will not be cowed by this stupid and possibly insane creature. He's made it personal by his hysterical and his anti White Nationalist public comments.
Golding - above, hoping for Divine intervention

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Three cheers from all decent White Nationalists - VNN has closed down!

It seems Alex Linder has not received enough cash to keep the notorious forum VNN  - Vanguard News Network going and so he has shut it down. This includes the VNN UK site too.
Long being a haunt of every lowlife and stirrer on the fringes of the Nationalist scene, it was a forum no sensible person would have ever posted on.
Some of these unwelcome 'nationalists' will no doubt migrate to Stormfront. One has already - serial forum stirrer - perhaps the worst of the lot (and the Security Officer for the Wreckers would you believe!) has been spotted and banned today.

I am sure the sensible modertators on SG Britain will not tolerate these people.
Perhaps 'Hope Not Hate' could accomodate them?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Three action days in one weekend from the us and only us!

This weekend saw a Day of Action in Scarborough followed by a meeting addressed by Richard Edmonds. Hundreds of the new 'Eat or Heat' leaflets, which show the plight of British pensioners as we pour much needed money here - into the Ebola riddled sink-holes of Africa.
In Sunderland, the North-East Infidels, the Sunderland Defence League and the North-East NF held a march against Asian gang grooming and rape which has recently occured in Mowbray Park where a rally was held.

                               Above - Sunderland Nationalists prepare for march and rally
Sunday also saw NF members out in Newport, Wales to protest a Muslim 'Hate' march.

This is from the South Wales National Front site -


Any one that can get to Newport is asked to do so and help our friends oppose this march of hate.

Muslims are marching Newport Sunday as they do yearly, it's hard for us to know when it is as it's kept quiet until the last minute and the date goes by their moon Calender which is ever changing!!! 

Those who attended last time know exactly what this is!! It's a flexing of muscle and a show of nothing more than invasion! 

The Muslim youth once spotting us ran into the mosque and donned Jihad headbands just for us only watching!!!! 

We know this is short notice and because of this no direct plans have been made, but this needs opposing!!

Try and take Red Dragon, Saint  David's cross and Union Flags!

The National Front is proving itself time and again on the streets of our cities and towns. Hundreds of young fresh recruits are turning up for NF meetings and Action days.
There is only ONE answer now to the hovering racial destruction of Britain - all White Patriots unite under the NF banner. If you are in any other group, then ask yousrself 'Am I wasting precious time and money when we need to concentrate everything we have in one big movement?'

The answer is YES!


Thursday, 13 November 2014

A suggested Electoral Strategy for the National Front

Suggested strategy for elections - both Council and National

The NF strategy might be summarised as follows:-
  • Only stand in an election where we can pour in a lot of people and can be sure of a propaganda assault and publicity victory with a good outcome, even if we do not take the seat.
  • For this stage of our development, spend the hard earned donations of members on tangible assets not making elections our main way forward. 
  • Can you imagine if we had White Nationalist centre in every major city in Britain as a place for putting out agitation and propaganda and as a meeting place for the White Nationalists of that area?
    With the cash we could start building that structure.
  • We need hard cash spent on mini-buses and transport so our mobile teams of activists can be got cheaply and quickly to demos, marches, meetings and elections.
  • NF money needs to be invested in better propaganda, printed and distributed not in the handfuls but in the millions.
    WE do not go away like the Old Parties every four years. We must keep the White Nationalist message in the public eye, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
This is just a quick summation of what could be done with some of the money wasted on fruitless paper candidate elections. Without a MASS movement of White people, energised and animated by a spirit of ‘The Will to win’ far removed from the picture of political emptiness in which we now live, then we have NO CHANCE of taking power in this country.
Quick fix solutions are not going to get us into power.
Compromising policies have now been clearly shown this election, does NOT attract votes.
The White people of this nation are not put of by the old outworn accusations against us of ‘Nazi’, ‘Racist’, or ‘Fascist’.
Nor are they fooled by fake ‘anti-racist’ posings as some have indulged in.
The great mass of our potentials followers are racialist. The man and women in the street is basically racialist – in that they want their people and their country to be PUT FIRST because that’s what being a racialist really means (or racist for that matter). It’s a simple as that.
We are White Nationalists and we are racialists – we put our own land and people FIRST.

Only by such an honest and open approach and the throwing away of sneakiness and hypocrisy can we win the hearts and minds of the British people – the people who will make us into a mass movement permeating and taking over all levels of society until one day the National Revolution – a revolution of spirit, will, thought and outlook casts the old Westminster system into the abyss and sees the dawn of a new White Nationalist Britain

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Printer urgently required.......don't donate just buy......."Germany Calling!" by Mary Kenny

About a week ago or so ago I put in a sales appeal so we could aquire a new printer. I thought I wouldn't just ask for cash but offered good quality DVD's of the most famous propaganda film ever made, 'Triumph of the Will'. It was disappointing that I didn't get even one order.
Anyway - trying again. The DVD is still available at £5.99. Its the English language subtitle edition and about the best around.
However I have raided my Nationalist Book collection for some to sell. I came up with the fact that I have two copies of 'Germany Calling' - the life story of William Joyce in very good condition. Its going over on Amazon at around the £11.00 mark including postage.
I am selling this at £10.00 - including postage if anyone is interested. First byer gets it and we have a few more pounds towards the Lexmark printer.

P.S - don't worry - Nationalist Sentinel is not another eBay and its back to news and views tomorrow......

Coming off of Facebook

Its taken me a hour to remove all the rubbish I have put on Facebook and  which others have sent to me.
I have deactivated it and will receive no further nuisance messages. Its a bit easier than I thought.
The main thing is if your are sick of the mindless and endless drollings of the people who literally live both for and on  Facebook, NEVER - not EVER - log on again.

Facebook is a data collection social platform set up and run by ZOG, and overused by Nationalists.