Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hull Patriots celebrate St George’s Day

Hull Patriots celebrate St George’s Day

This year patriots in Hull marked England’s national day by parading along the city’s Holderness Road. This parade was only arranged the previous day and about twenty of us, including National Front members and other nationalists, met at East Park gates and marched along this major thoroughfare, setting off at 6.15pm with St George flags flying.

There were many toots and shouts of support from passing motorists and, when we passed Marley’s cafĂ© bar, about forty drinkers gave the marchers a standing ovation. The DJ at the bar even played ‘God Save Queen’ through his speakers at top volume!

Thanks are due to Neil from the BM who liaised with police to make the occasion a success.

Following the conclusion of our parade, the marchers dispersed to meet up with other nationalists at a social held at an East Hull venue, where copies of ‘Britain First’ and ‘Mjolnir’ magazine were sold and there was interest in the National Front from former associates of the EDL.

It is probably fair to say that there is some negativity around nationalism at present, but getting so many like-minded people together by word of mouth for a very localised event bodes well for the future and there was much discussion about further activities and how St George’s Day and other occasions might be marked in the future.

Nick Walsh,
Hull Organiser   

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Happy St.George's Day!

A happy St.George's Day to all guests and my Comrades in the National Front. A number of units I know are having a St.George's Day social.
I have just been to Leeds centre and back and saw one house flying the flag of St.George and NONE on any of our public buildings.
When is St George's Day?
St George's Day is on 23 April, but it is not a national holiday in England – unlike St Patrick's Day in Ireland. The date was set by the Council of Oxford in 1222.

Who was St George?
Not much is known about St George, except that he wasn't an Englishman. Historians believe he was born in Cappadocia, a part of modern Turkey, into a noble Christian family in the third century, and followed in his father's footsteps by joining the Roman army, the BBC says. Tradition suggests that when Emperor Diocletian ordered the systematic persecution of Christians, George refused to take part and was tortured and ultimately executed in Palestine. He was later recognised as an early Christian martyr. The legend of St George, clad in armour, slaying a dragon and rescuing a maiden, was a medieval innovation.

Why is he associated with England?One of the earliest known British references to St George appears in an account by St Adamnan, the seventh-century Abbot of Iona who heard about St George from a French bishop named Arcuif. But his reputation began to grow only when returning crusaders said the saint had made a miraculous appearance and led them into battle at the siege of Antioch in 1098. They also passed on the legend of St George's dragon slaying to the royal court.
When King Edward III founded the Order of the Garter in around 1348, he placed it under St George's patronage, and at about the same time English soldiers were required to wear "a signe of Saint George" on their uniforms. St George appears in Shakespeare's version of King Henry V's rousing address to his troops before the Battle of Agincourt: "Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George'."
Other countries celebrating St George include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

Why are celebrations in England so muted? 
Research carried out in 2013 by the think tank British Future suggested that many English people are "nervous" about celebrating St George's Day. The poll, published by the Daily Telegraph, found that many English people are concerned that national symbols like the St George's Cross flag may be interpreted as racist!

The National Front have been campaigning for a long time to have St.George's Day made into a National Holiday - racist? Firstly it isn't and secondly who cares what anti-English groups think - St.George has still a rather large dragon to kill and its called ZOG!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

West Yorkshire NF Towton Campaign continues...

I have today emailed the following -

West Yorkshire National Front
20th April 2014
For the attention of Councillor Metcalfe, Selby Council
and English Heritage, Yorkshire Area
Copies to The Press, York and Selby Online

Dear Sirs and Madam,

20th April 2014
For the attention of Councillor Metcalfe, Selby Council

and English Heritage, Yorkshire Area

Copies to The Press, York and Selby Online

I would like to bring to your attention our efforts to have the Battlefield of Towton, fought on the 29th March 1461 declared a protected heritage site.

Compared to most other battlefield sites in the United Kingdom, the fields of Towton have been sadly neglected. The Battlefield of Towton is NOT a protected heritage area - only Lord Dacre’s Cross is listed and protected but the rest of Towton’s battlefield is open to anyone who wants to build here; set up caravan sites or generally spoil this sacred site where 29,000 Englishmen lost their lives in the bloodiest battle ever fought on British soil.

We don’t allow people to take parts off Stonehenge, and we shouldn’t allow parts of this battlefield to be built on.

In 2009, Selby Council gave permission for this site to be used for other inappropriate settlement when instead the whole battlefield should be protected by law as a site of “Historical Heritage”.

Where other sites have Information Centres and amenities, there is nobody employed to help the many visitors to such an important historical area, and people driving by can easily miss it’s very existence.
The West Yorkshire Branch of the National Front have laid a bouquet of red and white roses on Palm Sunday of this year, which fell on the 13th April.
We also observed a minute's silence for the neglected fallen Englishmen after two short speeches as to why we are carrying out this campaign.
A special leaflet has also been produced and is being distributed throughout the area, highlighting West Yorkshire’s NF campaign to have this site firstly made into a protected site and secondly have Selby Council take into serious consideration the construction of an amenities building, staffed with the appropriate people to inform and advise visitors just how important a battle Towton was.

I have visited many other battlefield sites, most recently to Culloden Moor. The site was well signposted and a visitors centre offered a battlefield walks.
There was also an excellent shop where one can buy books and pamphlets on this particular battlefield.

All there is at Towton are three small information boards and the crumbling and neglected cross of Lord Dacre.

We shall again next year be mounting an even bigger memorial heritage event and it would be satisfying indeed if the requirements set out above are in place.

Many thanks for your time in reading this.

Yours sincerely,

Edmond Morrison


West Yorkshire National Front.

(Also posted on West Yorks NF Blog.)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Updating videos on this site....and a chat about its content.

I never know how long to leave on videos of music or speech on this Blog.
It's hard for instance not to be emotionally moved by Saga's very moving tribute to Ian Stuart but after a while, I think I need to bring in some new media.

I am sometimes taken to task for my own special love of music that may not be White Nationalist mainstream - two of these I am putting on the Blog today. One is "Celtic  Woman". I don't want a lot of anti-Irish bitterness over this - I am a Loyalist myself and have always attacked the 'Good Friday agreement as a sell out of our Ulster folk to the still active (what ever they tell you), IRA and the shadowy Globalist forces behind it.
On the other hand we do both our own Celtic Heritage and the beauty of the poetry and song of Eire if we do not take them under our wing as well.
Culturally, Eire is a part of our Aryan Imperium. Politically, Eire is under attack from those who would destroy ALL the people of Eire - and our own Island nation.
I am featuring a video of "Celtic Woman", a group of brilliant performers who to my knowledge have no political agenda.
I am also again including some Confederate music. We know it was a fratricidal war with American White man killing American White man, but the glory of the outnumbered, poor, courageous and determined White men and women of the CSA call to my White Nationalist heart.
The South lost - in any event they would in time have lost anyway without a war. Slavery is an evil because it undermines the work ethic of the host nation.
Rome, Egypt and many other cultures realised this fact too late. This would have happened to the Southern 'slave' states too.
Yet, the South had and to some extent still has a blood call to White Nationalists for the names, the batlles and the heroism that a doomed Confederacy still evokes - not just in myself but in many of my Comrades who love the sight of the old Confederate flag. There is one hanging on the wall behind this computer as I write.
I hope all of you got a copy of this week's "The White Nationalist". If you have not yet subscribed to this free weekly bulletin which supports the only real WN Movement in Britain with any chance at all of winning through - the National Front - then all you have to do is send an email to with "Subscribe" in the topic's bar.

The pagan roots of Easter

Our Pagan Heritage: Easter

                                                         Eostre and her rabbit
Where did the Feast of Easter come from? Why must we always paint eggs on Easter – can a rabbit even lay an egg? Isn’t Easter supposed to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?
Easter was never a Christian festival until Christianity became the dominant religion and took it over, but its importance for us to remember its true heritage.
1. The name Easter comes from the Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of dawn, spring, and fertility.
2. Eostre once rescued a dying bird and turned it into a rabbit – the bird now in rabbit form could still lay eggs.
3. The first Sunday after the vernal equinox (the first day of Spring) was sacred to Eostre. The full moon in March/April represents her “pregnant” phase.
4. Greeks to this day dye their Easter eggs red to symbolize new life and the sacrifice of Christ.
5. German immigrants brought the tradition with them to America. On Easter morning, only good children would receive colorful eggs in the “nests” they made of their bonnets.

So now you know the truth. Easter is still mostly true to it's Anglo-Saxon origins. Everyone loves the Easter Bunny. He (Or maybe she - it does lay eggs...) has hopped his way into our holiday and into our hearts.Easter is an essential part of our Celtic Pagan Heritage - enjoy it anyway......for Eostre is watching down....



Thursday, 17 April 2014

News coverage for NF Towton Day

I have just heard that the Selby and Tadcaster News in today's issue have condemned the NF for 'hijacking the Towton Battlefield Fun Day'!
A half page article tells us that the NF held a vigil of Remembrance as part of their protect our British Heritage policy.
The paper then goes on to say how the Front is campaigning alongside local residents to stop Traveller's using the site as a camping ground. Too true and two letters have been sent this week to English Heritage and also Selby Council about this shocking state of affairs.
OK - we hijacked the day - admitted! We also showed two other things - we alone care about our Heritage and we alone are the one party siding with the locals to get Towton battlefield named as a 'protected site'
More news to come.......

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

10th May Newcastle Anti-Grooming Demo - this is now a national NF "Day of Action"

The National Leadership of the National Front has announced that the Anti-Grooming demo in Newcastle is a National Event. So, this means we are not just relying on local support from North-East NF but from Comrades everywhere in Britain.
It is of the highest importance makes every effort possible to get to Newcastle on May 10th!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Police threaten arrests over use of the word "White"

Police theaten arrests over use of the word "White"!
From our Kent Correspondent

Kent Activities Organiser, Mark Freeman, has written to the Chief Constable of Kent County Council demanding an explanation following a recent incident : -
Some time ago NF activists in Margate were threatened with arrest  for using the word 'White' on a banner while distributing leaflets in the town centre.
The banner read: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children"
Harmless enough, you might think. However, a passing Police inspector took offence at the use of the word  'White' and ordered activists to cover up said word on threat of arrest. The inspector did not say why, or to whom it might be considered 'offensive.'

"We would like to know which piece of legislation has been infringed," says Mark. " Generally, under English Law, one is free to say whatever one wants, unless that is specifically proscribed. However, if it is illegal to use the word White, then logically it must  also be illegal to use the words Black or Asian, etc, but there are thousands of ethnic organisations that do just that. The Law must be applied equally to all ethnic groups, and cannot be used selectively against some racial groups, but not others."

Mark also pointed out that the Police are 'guilty' of the same 'offence';  It has the Black Police Association, and uses ethnic profiling too!
Mark also submitted the following list of ethnic organisations describing themselves as 'Black' or 'Asian' and has asked the Chief Constable whether substituting the word 'White' would make them illegal:

The Black Police Association
Society of Black Lawyers
Society of Asian Lawyers
Federation of Black Housing Organizations
Black People's Mental Health Association
The Black Londoners Forum
Operation Black Vote
UK Black Teachers Association
Black Students Association
Black Student Union
Black Training and Enterprise Group
Asian People's Disability Alliance
Black and Asian Therapists online
National BME Mental Health Network
Asian Voice
Black Enterprise Awards
Asian Day Centre,Nottingham
UK Black Pride
Black and Minority Ethnic Elders Group
The Black Fundraisers Network
Black Arts Alliance
Southall Black Sisters,, Asian Modelling Service
Asian Arts Agency
Black Professionals
UK Asian business directory
Black Health Agency,Manchester
Black Families Education Support Group
Asian Mens Group
and the list keeps getiing bigger...............

The National Front says the REAL job of the Police is to fight crime and catch criminals: It's not to interfere with law abiding citizens going about their lawful business! Political correctness has ruined policing and undermined public confidence in law enmforcement.  This is  the same Police force that  arrested, handcuffed and charged an 85 year old woman  for  'abusing' Moslems leaving a mosque shortly after the Lee Rigby murder, but which  routinely fails to arrest, handcuff or charge Roma migrants for committing far worse offences. Pity Mr Plod can't show the same zeal for going after real criminals - murderers, terrorists, paedophiles and the like - than hounding ordinary members of the public for non-existent thought or speech 'crimes'.

West Yorkshire National Front art Towton - video

This is a short video of the National Front's Day of Homage to the dead at Towton in 1461.
Many apologies for sound quality, there was quite a wind blowing across the battlfield.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Towton Remembrance Day - Sunday April 13th 2014

Thirteen White Nationalists laid a bouquet of White and Red roses today at the site of Lord Dacre's Cross, on the battlefield itself.
Members of the public stopped to listen as Eddy Morrison and Daren Lumb explained the importance of the battlefield, where on 29th March, 1461, 29,000 Englishmen died in the bloodiest battle ever fought on British soil.
Members of the public stopped to listen as well as the usual police presence.
We gave an interview with a reporter for the Selby and Tadcaster News and the piece should be in this Thursday's issue.
Many thanks to all who turned out including the BM lads who shared their solidarity with our Movement.
Apart from Lord Dacre's Cross, the battlefield site is NOT protected against redevelopers.
The NF will now take its fight to both Selby Council and English Heritage.
Our motto on the laminated card set in front of the bouquet of roses read -

 "Though you sleep in the dust you live on in our hearts"
Lord Dacre's Cross - the only protected part of the battlefield
                       which has already seen groups of 'Travellers' camping out there.