Thursday, 30 July 2015

After Wakefield the NF Will Break Though!

After Wakefield the NF Will Break Though!
After the tremendous success of the National Front Wakefield March on Saturday
25th, which showed that our Movement and ONLY our Movement has the capacity,
experience and manpower to hold a march which was both disciplined and excellent
in all respects.
Local publicity in West Yorkshire was widespread and I have dealt, in my capacity as
Press Officer for this event with quite a number of reporters.
The NF are back on the marching map!
We have shown also that we are not just a Movement that is restricted to 'Flash
demos' good as they are.
In 1968 I went on my first National Front march through Central London and we
managed (just!) to scrape together around 100 Nationalists many who were not
members of our very young party.
In 1978 I was a Steward on the Remembrance Day march that year when we had
well over three thousand NF members marching to the Cenotaph.
What we did before we can do again. We have proved that with the Wakefield
We are not talking theories any more we are talking fact - the Front is well and truly
on the move forward!
Now is the time for all other patriotic groups to do the RIGHT THING and join in with
us, the last and most organised of the White Nationalist groups in the UK (and may I
venture the largest), and to take up the banners of the NF and march again and
again to the sound of the NF drums and the colours of our once again vibrant
Eddy Morrison

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ban WHAT flag???

In the same few days which have seen various Liberal-minded Southern US politicians buckling in to the whining of the multi-racialists who are making a very tenuous connection that just because 21-year-old Dylann Roof posed with a Confederate Flag on some Facebook page or other it was a connection to his murder of nine Black people - which was a stupid and evil act to be sure.
Visitors to this Blog will know of my lifelong interest and upholding the remembrance of the Johnny Rens who fought and died for five savage years to uphold one of the last vestiges of a decent White culture against the Plutocratic Northern Federals.
Between 1861 and 1865 299,524 Confederate soldiers lost their lives, fighting under the Confederate flag and a White way of life>
They died and the Old Cause failed - but at least to remember it we had the Confederate Flag and the others such as the 'Lone Star' of Texas and other State flags.
The Blacks and White Liberal guilt trippers are ripping down the Flag over the deaths (unfortunate) of nine Blacks in Charleston.
They couldn't care less about the nearly 300,00 'Boys in Grey' who need remembering too........or were they just all nasty 'racists'?
I was happy yo see two things in today's press - Palestinians have whitewashed the disgusting queer 'rainbow Flag' off the demarcation wall in Palestine. Good on them!
Secondly, that the police officials have granted the right to demonstrate for the Flag in Charleston on 18th July to the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
but it isn't just the KKK. Millions of White (and Black!) Southerners do NOT want to see their flag fall victim to the anti-racist mob hysteria we all have to live with.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Latest Britain apology

I received the latest issue of Britain First today which is the June/July issue of the NF's paper.
I was annoyed to see five typos got through to print. The fault lies with me.
I'll explain. I use Serif Pagemaker to create Britain First. This is then published as a PDF file which goes down to Sid in Brighton and he goes through it and sends an email showing the corrections.

This was done. The PDF file then goes over to another Media Department member who corrects the PDF file and resets a lot of the layout. The usual result is a very good. 
The amended PDF file goes through to the NF Printers.
This time however I sent the uncorrected PDF through by mistake and hence the typos.

It will NOT happen again I promise.
So my apologies to all subscribers and readers - get it because its still a good read!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

New website on the way.....

Sorry to all regular visitors that I haven't updated the Blog for a while. Truth is I am busy now that I have finished the latest edition of BRITAIN FIRST on a brand new website for the National Front. The other one at will be kept running for the moment to be replaced by the new site when completed. After that the Old Site will still be available as an archive on the new one - if that makes any sense......I think it does.
The new site will be Dynamic HTML with a heck of a lot of extra features including a built-in members Forum - so if you ever get tired of  Zionistbook then you can come onto the moderated forum.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

As the National Front prepare to march.......are there too many distractions?

I cannot tell you how I happy I was yesterday when our National Chairman phoned me with the good news that we have got the go ahead for a National March through a West Yorkshire Town/City on Saturday 25th July. Once again,  the NF has decided that the right direction is the one we always showed to be the best - reclaiming the streets!
Over the last year or so we have seen quite a number of 'Flash Demos' and credit it my book goes in large part to the enthusiasm and leadership of Kev McMahon who is tireless in getting the name of the Front out onto the streets.

To see again us marching with drums and flags as before - through a major Yorkshire area - with an open air rally at the end is absolutely fantastic news and I would personally ask each and every Nationalist - ex-BNP,ex-NF and currently active White Patriots not to miss this march.
I have been on dozens of marches in the past and believe me if we recapture half of the moral boost you get from being on one then its a day well worth spent.
So I call for the biggest turn-out possible.
We are still awaiting finalisation from West Yorkshire police. The route and meeting area has already been agreed with them.
The moment I hear that we have it in writing then I will be releasing the town and Assembly Point details.......
I see on Stormfront that whilst our march is posted - it is just one of three 'marches'/'demos' also posted.

Now Stormfront whilst useful, is only a vague yardstick of support. What concerns me in particular is one planned march in the North. The group behind this has a similar one a month or so back in Newcastle and I am told by NF members from there that the whole thing was a bloody shambles, with little organisation and ANTIFA attacking Nationalists at will.
If you are serious about taking the streets, then let us do it properly.
No masks and balaclavas or para-military uniforms. These are never going to attract the British people en masse. They may attract a small handful of gullible White youngsters but with the instructions as I read them being followed, then they are stacking up the cards for a major prosecution under the Public Order Act which both forbids the wearing in public of political uniforms and also the training, equipping a force liable to be used in any aggressive manner in public.
The group concerned do not seem to know this law even exists.
I am against the Public Order Act and a NF Government would repeal it as an attack on Civil Rights and Free Speech, but whilst ZOG have it, then we must try and comply.
I am worried as already befuddled White youngsters, heady with the language of street combat - much of it show only - are getting arrested and if they get arrested for organising a paramilitary force then the Anti-Terrorism Laws come into effect with their VERY heavy jail sentences.
New White recruits are no good to us in jail.
That is why with the restart of BULLDOG we are going to some time this year resurrect the Young National Front.

Under the YNF banner, younger men and women will be shown how and what they can do to further White Nationalism and NOT a bunch of B-movie stunts.
March with the Front on Saturday 25th July!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Bulldog bites back!

The Bulldog bites back!
At a meeting of the NF Directorate in Manchester
on Saturday May 23rd May 2015
a decision was made to
revitalise the Young National Front
The National Front calls to all the disparate groups
across Great Britain, many of them offshoots from the
degenerate EDL, and who saw the EDL as a Zionist, anti-White
Pro-Gay & formed their own groups
infidels - Defence Leagues - Alliances
It is now time to come together under the umbrella of
the reborn Young National Front
The first move will be to start bringing out the legendary
BULLDOG magazine!
Watch  this space for more information soon!
All White Youth Groups to us!
Below - some pictures of how it was
and how it WILL be again!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ursula Haverbeck Film - by Richard Edmonds

Ursula Haverbeck - brave fighter for Truth In History

This film should be given the very widest coverage:

The very brave German campaigner for Truth in History, Ursula Haverbeck was recently  granted an hour-long interview on main stream German TV to expose the so-called Holocaust as a fraud.

"The greatest and most long-lasting lie in history", was the sub-tile of the TV interview  broadcast by NDR (North German Broadcasting) in March of this year.  This is a MAJOR break-through. The broadcast shows Ursula H. openly and energetically describing the so-called Holocaust as a propaganda-lie. The interviewer questions her but is polite and really just lets her speak; the interviewer does little more than prompt her; he does not verbally attack her. All this can be seen with excellent English subtitles (click the little oblong symbol on the bottom right -hand corner).

The question has to be asked: Why has Ursula H. been given this major platform to speak these truths ? In my opinion, because there is an increasing swell of effective questioning of the "Holo."; there is also the current trial of the ninety-year old former Auschwitz guard, which must seem unfair to all decent people; but most of all I think that the events in the Ukraine are key: the German establishment is very unhappy with the obvious American war-mongering in the region. Whatever the reason might be: this interview granted to the very brave Ursula H. has to be a decisive moment: a break-through, perhaps THE break-through.

Richard Edmonds

Sunday, 10 May 2015


I have just completed putting together a new film 'Panzers!'. It runs for one hour 10 minutes and covers the major battle tanks of Germany in World War 2 from the badly equipped Panzer I to the superb King Tiger with it's ferocious 88mm gun.
This is all done towards producing decent unbiased historical/military films and has little political bearing.
If you want a copy its £3.99 from

It starts with the song 'Panzerleid - lyrics and translation below
Whether it storms or snows 
Whether the sun shines upon us 
The day burning hot 
Or the night freezing cold 
Dusty are our faces 
But happy we are at heart 
We're at heart 
Our tank roars ahead 
Along with the storm wind 

With thundering engines 
Fast as a lightning bolt 
The enemy engaging 
Within our armor plates 
Come on comrades 
In the battle, all alone 
We stand all alone 
That's how we strike deep 
Into the enemy's ranks 

When an enemy tank 
Appears ahead of us 
Full throttle is given 
And we close with the foe 
What value then is our life 
For the army of our nation 
Yes army of our nation 
For to die for Germany 
Is our highest honour 

With obstacles and tanks 
The enemy blocks our path 
We laugh about it 
And simply pass them by 
And if we are threatened by guns 
Hidden in the yellow sand 
In the yellow sand 
We find ourselves a path 
That no one else found 

And if we are abandoned 
By that unfaithful luck 
And if we don't return 
To our homeland again 
If a bullet strikes us down 
If our fate calls upon us 
Yes our fate upon us 
Then for us the tank will be 
An honorable grave
Ob's stürmt oder schneit, 
Ob die Sonne uns lacht 
Der Tag glühend heiß 
Oder eiskalt die Nacht 
Bestaubt sind die Gesichter 
Doch froh ist unser Sinn 
Ist unser Sinn 
Es braust unser Panzer 
Im Sturmwind dahin 

Mit donnernden Motoren 
Geschwind wie der Blitz 
Dem Feinde entgegen 
Im Panzer geschützt 
Voraus den Kameraden 
Im Kampf steh'n wir allein 
Steh'n wir allein 
So stoßen wir tief 
In die feindlichen Reihn 

Wenn vor uns ein feindliches 
Heer dann erscheint 
Wird Vollgas gegeben 
Und ran an den Feind! 
Was gilt denn unser Leben 
Für unsres Reiches Heer? 
Ja Reiches Heer? 
Für Deutschland zu sterben 
Ist uns höchste Ehr. 

Mit Sperren und Minen 
Hält der Gegner uns auf 
Wir lachen darüber 
Und fahren nicht drauf 
Und droh'n vor uns Geschütze 
Versteckt im gelben Sand 
Im gelben Sand 
Wir suchen uns Wege 
Die keiner sonst fand 

Und läßt uns im Stich 
Einst das treulose Glück 
Und kehren wir nicht mehr 
Zur Heimat zurück 
Trifft uns die Todeskugel 
Ruft uns das Schicksal ab 
Ja Schicksal ab 
Dann wird uns der Panzer 
Ein ehernes Grab.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Elections? The real truth!

A brief report on the scene in Todmorden.

A brief report on the scene in Todmorden.
"For Calderdale Council, Todmorden's Ward's National Front Candidate (Chris Jackson) and the Town Council's Independent candidate (David Jones) were both questioned by West Yorkshire Police three weeks ago after a local UKIP Councillor (Chris Baksa) engaged in threatening behaviour at the Annual Town Meeting, attended by all mentioned."
"After threatening to have Dave/ Chris' legs broken by "friends from Manchester", Coun. Baksa then rang another UKIP candidate up, who was in the local Working Men's Club and told him that the Nationalists had people coming from Burnley coming to break his legs. This candidate is Philip Walters, who is standing against both nationalists."
"We are awaiting further action, if any, but in the meantime Baksa and Walters have put online a leaflet accusing David Jones of being a paedophile and supporting the Argentines during the Falklands/ Malvinas War - which happened three years before he was born."
"Walters and Baksa are both ex-Liberal Democrat Town Councillors who joined UKIP after butting heads with local nationalists and being double crossed by their own party in favour of Pakistani candidates. Walters is up against both Chris Jackson in the Calderdale Council elections and David Jones in the Town Council elections"
"Running UKIP off is a high priority for both Fighting Back - Todmorden and the Todmorden NF.".

Dave Jones, White Nationalist & NF Supporter