Saturday, 24 January 2015

Muhammad Ali -On Racial Integration 1973 Parkinson Show

I know this is an old interview but could a Black guy get away with saying this
in Britain today, let alone a White Nationalist?

Monday, 19 January 2015

Hitler's War X - DVD What the historians didn't tell you

Banned in Germany but now available through FarView Videos - See World War 2 Section
Hitler’s War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention. An English translation of “Hitlers Krieg? Was Guido Knopp Verschweigt” by Alphart Geyer (Germany 2009).

Hitler's WarThis is a 96 minute long “Made in Germany” underground documentary film. It’s the first documentary ever to unabashedly explain from the German perspective, how World War II really began, and the many efforts that were made by Hitler to avoid it, and to establish a lasting, viable and mutually acceptable peace, but how he was ultimately left with no choice but to invade Poland. It documents many facts that have been deliberately left out of the “official narrative” as presented by the victorious Allies, which we have all been taught since 1945, and which Germans especially have been constantly reminded of since the war ended; with the blame entirely upon Germany’s shoulders. Many of the claims of the Allies that have been widely accepted as fact are refuted here as patently untrue, distorted, or ignored completely.

The film is largely based upon a book entitled “Der Krieg der viele Väter hatte” (PDF) (English: The War that had Many Fathers) by German author and historian, Gerd Schulze Rhonhof and “Ein unvermeidlicher Krieg? — Der Weg zum 1. September 1939” (An Unavoidable War – The Path to September 1st, 1939). Rhonhof is a former high-ranking, German military officer (Brigadier General in the Panzer Division) who has done, as any honest historian should, his own deep research in the war archives, and has been assisted many other historians. His website contains all of his documentation. His books and assertions, not surprisingly, have not been so well received by many politicians, academia, the Left, and the mainstream media.

The making of this film seems to have been prompted primarily by some comments made by Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking to a live audience and the various Heads of State from many nations, gathered at a ceremony in Danzig in 2009, to remember Hitler’s (allegedly) senseless and unprovoked attack on Poland, paying respects to the Polish victims on behalf of Germany, and as always, expressing gratitude to the Allies, for their sacrifices in the victory over National Socialism. Merkel, like all other German chancellors since the end of World War II, accepted full responsibility and with it, the perpetual guilt for the entire war on behalf of all Germans, and unquestioningly accepted, again: the villain role ascribed to National Socialist Germany by the victors, which many Germans, to this day, deeply resent, yet have silently endured it all of their lives. Merkel’s comments, however, struck a raw nerve for many Germans who know “the rest of the story”.

“Hitler’s War” is also a sharp rebuke to well known German “journalist”, author, filmmaker and commentator Guido Knopp (to whom the original film title actually refers), and who many Germans regard as “Uncle Guido” (in the English sense of an “Uncle Tom”), as he has a reputation for being a domestic Propaganda Minister for the World War II Allies, regarding the Third Reich and National Socialism. For he, like Merkel and the others, continues to ignore many facts, and only dutifully reminds Germans of the guilt of their forefathers (and by extension, their own “inherited” guilt), based upon a highly sanitized “official version” of history.

There are always two sides to every story, and now the Germans are finally telling theirs. This film is a “must see” for anyone with a sense of justice, honour, fairness and dignity, who have respect for ALL of the victims of World War II (not merely the “politically correct” ones) and who are interested in an accurate account of history. Indeed, if we are to learn from history, and not be doomed to repeat it, then we must also have a fair and accurate account from which to draw our conclusions and upon which to make decisions in the present, and for our future.

This film has broken through the 60+ year old taboos. Truth has breached the barbed-wire fences of “political correctness”, and is making a desperate run for it’s life.

Translation, narration, sound mixing, over-dubbing of the original soundtrack by Justice4Germans (2011)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

State Plot to destroy the National Front?

The following article is backed up by a weight of circumstantial and actual evidence. This is what I think is going on with the systematic efforts to smash our Movement. Read this and make your own mind up......

State Plot to destroy NF
In 1999 the Police/MI5 stated quite openly their intentions that they would take active steps to destroy organised White Nationalism in the UK.
John Tyndall picked up on this and enlarged it into a full page article in Spearhead.
JT believed that Griffin was a State sponsored Wrecker as was Tony Le Comber (who acted as a hatchet man for Griffin and who cut a deal with the SB to get a shorter prison sentence if he became a State asset).
Griffin used Le Comber to expel & proscribe JT from his own party.
Le Comber became so mentally unstable that Griffin junked him.
There is only ONE logical explanation for Griffin systematically destroying the BNP and that is he was pursuing the States agenda to finish off organised White Nationalism.
Griffin succeeded with the BNP.
This left the National Front as the only other viable organised WN movement.
In my opinion and on the evidence Griffin, his job done with the BNP was now instructed to destroy the NF.
To do that he knew that he personally couldn't join the Front.
What he did was put Jaggers into the NF to begin the process of destruction of our Movement.
Jaggers saw that Ian Edward was weak and could easily be manipulated, so she engineered a face off by denigrating Kev Bryan and other Radical White Nationalists including myself and trying to drive them out of the Party.
She failed initially as the majority of the NF stood behind Kev Bryan and we other Radicals.
So for the whole of 2014 she paralysed the NF electorally & we have reached the stage of now waiting for the ZOG controlled Electoral Commission to confirm the registration of the NF as a bona fide party.
We will know by the 1st February.
We believe justice will prevail & it would be outrageous to register the Edward/Jaggers group as the National Front.
If that God forbid did happen then Griffin will have completed his 14 year State sponsored mission & destroyed organised White Nationalism in Britain - leaving it hopelessly fragmented.
I personally believe that it will be 'a bridge to far' to put aside Natural Justice and award the Wreckers Group both our name and our symbol.
As a founder member of the NF in 1967, I and many of my closest comrades are backing Kev Bryans rightful elected position.
When ( NOT IF!) Natural Justice prevails then this year -2015 - will see the NF coming into its own and organising all the disparate groups under one banner - the National Front ' s
14 Words
Eddy Morrison
Head of Propaganda & Publicity Department, National Front

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Fatwa declared against snowmen!

Careful ladies - they may behead you for this - and the Snowman!

Fatwa declared against snowmen!

They've really got the hump! Fatwa declared against snowmen made to look like camels and Arabs in Saudi as they 'represent Western values'

  • Recent snow in Saudi Arabia saw Saudis eagerly building snowmen 
  • But a religious scholar has decreed that snowmen are an insult to Islam
  • Mohammed Saleh Al Minjed decreed living creatures cannot be recreated
  • The ruling says that inanimate objects - and food - can be replicated 
  • Saudis took to social media to voice their dismay at the ruling
    A prominent religious scholar in Saudi Arabia has given the cold shoulder to snowmen – by issuing a fatwa against them.
    A recent snowfall in the middle eastern country saw Saudis eagerly building snowmen and even snow camels.
    However, Mohammed Saleh Al Minjed decreed that building snowmen – or indeed creating any living creature out of snow – was an insult to the Islamic religion.
    He declared that inanimate objects such as ships and buildings could be imitated – or food – but not animals.
    He wrote: 'God has given people space to make whatever they want which does not have a soul, including trees, ships, fruits, buildings and so on.'
    The fatwa - or religious ruling - was given a frosty reception on social media sites by some people.
    On Twitter users writing in Arabic and identifying themselves with Arab names joined in the debate. 
    'They are afraid for their faith of everything ... sick minds,' one Twitter user wrote.
    Another posted a photo of a man in formal Arab garb holding the arm of a 'snow bride' wearing a bra and lipstick. 'The reason for the ban is fear of sedition,' he wrote.
    A third said the country was plagued by two types of people: 'A people looking for a fatwa for everything in their lives, and a cleric who wants to interfere in everything in the lives of others through a fatwa,' the user wrote.
    Sheikh Munajjid had some supporters, however. 'It (building snowmen) is imitating the infidels, it promotes lustiness and eroticism,' one wrote.
    'May God preserve the scholars, for they enjoy sharp vision and recognise matters that even Satan does not think about.'

    This then is the religion which both Britain and Europe seem destined to live under in around forty years time? Funny? Yes. Frightening? Definitely!


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Help us, help the Cause - Nationalist Videos and Audio

I have plugged a few times the site 'FarView Videos', especially its Nationalist and Third Reich pages.I have set this to with the hopes that it could generate enough cash - without begging for donations, so that this year I will be in a position to have the funds to launch the 28 page quarterly magazine, which the British Nationalist scene sadly lacks with the demise of Spearhead.
Its going to take money to pay for this magazine and the gradual build up of funds through DVD sales is, I am hoping one way to make sure a new magazine (tentatively to be called 'Nationalist Sentinel') does come into being.
You can help buy buying an item - or more - from our ever growing list of Nationalist and WW2 Era titles.
The British Nationalist scene DESPERATELY needs a 28 page in depth magazine. We can provide that but not from the very low income I for one am living on. Please do have a look at
All titles are either in the Public Domain or they are originals. We do NOT sell titles in breach of any copyright.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Fake 'NF''s latest delusion

 Can anyone tell me which is Beaney and which is Costard? I'm confused.
Not to be left out, the webmaster of the fraudulent NF site hosted by one Thomas Beany (he alone comprises 12% of their 'membership) - has brought us this little gem -

The party is looking forward to having a very productive year in 2015, following on from the excellent progress we had made from last year in which we cleaned up our party's public image.
After many difficulties, we now have a very professional group of people managing the party.
They will ensure our image does not get dirtied by undesirables looking to cause trouble for the party.
- Thomas Beany

The piece I have outlined abovehas to rank with one of the untruest statements ever made in Nationalism. When I was leaving the NF Remembrance rally with a large group of Comrades making for the Tubes, a Comrade pointed out to me what I first took to be some travelling sideshow.
It was led my a man in a hat with a feather in it, banging repeatedly on a drum. A few odd and sods trailed behind him, limp Union Flags in their hands. I was looking for the juggler and the unicyclist but sadly they hadn't turned up.
I was agog though when I saw one of the most dreadful people on the Nationalist scene, one Eddie Stampton, with a smug grin on his face. Stampton is about the most loathed individual on the Nationalists scene, His antics and private doings are a constant source of hilarity to many. I then discovered from one of the Front Comrades with me, that this circus has not only let him join but had actually made him' head of security'!!!!!

The rest of the little parade was filled out with RVF members. I have no problem with the RVF and they would have been quite welcome to come on the proper march. Why they wished to affiliate themselves to this comical sideshow I have no idea.......
So Mr Beaney sir, "undesirables"? Eddie Stampton? The openly NS - RVF? Yep, that really cleans up your image doesn't it.
With the end in site for the pack of losers known as the Costard - Jaggers Gang, this may well be their last hurrah.
Where they will go I do not know but I will try and be helpful. Any last remaning supporters of this gang - including the treacherous Derbyshire man who absconded to them with our membership lists, whilst assuring me of his dedication to the REAL NF - should write or email this LINK

Friday, 2 January 2015

John Wayne - a REAL American to look up to

Being an avid fan of Westerns I watched an interview with John Wayne this morning. It was taken just after he finished what I think was his best film - THE SHOOTIST
John Wayne and I also share the same surname. he was born Marion Michael Morrison.
He died three years after the making of the film of cancer at the age of 72 and of cancer - which was the subject of "The Shootist" an old gunslinger coming home to die.
After the talk about the film, the sickly liberal interviewer tried to trap John Wayne into a rightist, hopefully racialist comment. Wayne didn't back down & even referred to the interviewer as a ' bleeding heart liberal who was guilty about all them folk who hyphenated their name' (Afro-American etc).

Obama is the first hyphenated President!
Here' some other quotes that let us into the heart of 'The Duke'

“I'd like to know why well-educated idiots keep apologizing for lazy and complaining people who think the world owes them a living.” 

“I don't feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were
selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.” 

“Government has no wealth, and when a politician promises to give you something for nothing, he must first confiscate that wealth from you -- either by direct taxes, or by the cruelly indirect tax of inflation.” 

“The hyphenated American is ridiculous. But that’s what we have to put up with. I think that any person that’s in the United States is better off here than they would be where they came from.” 

“I would think somebody like Jane Fonda and her idiot husband would be terribly ashamed and saddened that they were a part of causing us to stop helping the South Vietnamese. Now look what’s happening. They’re getting killed by the millions. Murdered by the millions. How the hell can she and her husband sleep at night?” 

For more information on John Wayne's political view visit the website - John Wayne

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year and join the NF

Happy New Year for 2015 and Nationalist Sentinel will be here to support the ONLY party worth supporting - the National Front.
If you haven't renewed your membership subs yet then get it done. If you have been putting off joining us when you know its the right move (you know who I'm talking about) then get it done!
Time is running out fast for both our Race and Nation...............we are down to one last throw of the dice and they have the words National Front and 14 Words written on it!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Rare John Tyndall talks come to light......

I said Happy Yuletide already (that's tomorrow by the way), but I have just discovered two rare talks that John Tyndall gave aound 2000.
The first is entitled "BNP - A Movement Of The Future"
The second "Time For Action"
The audio CD is available from Farview Videos

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Yuletide Greetings to all

I am having a break from Nationalist Sentinel until January. So apologies for no more updates in December but wishing all patriots a Happy and Festive Yuletide and a great New Year for 2015!