Sunday, 17 January 2016

Host of CNN Foreign Affairs calls for mass rape of White Women.......

Fareed Zakaria, CNN host of ‘Foreign Affairs,’ has in his private blog called for the merciless rape of white females by Islamic minority groups shortly after openly gloating over the rise in premature deaths of white males in his article in The Washington Post.

Zakaria’s blog post unapologetically calls to increase the death rate of white Middle America by systematically targeting Caucasian females.
This is what Zakharia (pictured below) had to say on his blog —  before his post was deleted within hours:
CNN-HOST“The white race is rightfully failing because it is a foolish, arrogant, and self-absorbed ethnicity that has racism infused into its very genes. While the sharp incline of the death rate of white males is a good start, the solution to the ‘white question’ will not be reached until there is a sharp decline in the population of white females as well. Much more needs to be done in this regard if this country is ever to advance from its ignorant backwardness towards being an actually inhabitable nation.
Thankfully, the Prophet Muhammad has given us a foolproof way to speed up the decline of a vanquished nation by treating their women as our sex slaves.
They may try and fight the unstoppable tide, but their resistance will grow only weaker as the white race loses its ability to keep its head above water. We may yet see some final convulsions before white Middle America is decreased to a manageable number where it can be more easily controlled.”
The blog post was removed from Zakaria’s blog within a few hours, after it began to receive negative attention.
CNN officials have refused to take action against their employee.



‘Let’s treat white women as our sex slaves!’

QUOTE:  Overall Western Europe is now suffering a massive rape epidemic coinciding with the influx of migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.
“Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries,” a report published by the Gatestone Institute revealed. “According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants.”

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Say NO to Facebook!

Make your New Year Resolution to make 2016 the year you delete your Facebook account.
Yes I hate Facebook and only use it if there is an urgent message flagged up. I am deleting my account for good today.
Facebook is a divisive and all controlling monster that rapidly takes over your life. Millions are TOTALLY addicted to it.
They and maybe you have surrendered a large part of their lives to a monster who soaks up your time and degrades your humanity.
Do you need to talk in abbreviations?  Wouldn't you rather see a friend smile than see the crass notation LOL?
The Net is a powerful tool. So powerful that you can use it without having to become a Facebook junkie.
Because if you spend half your waking life living in an imaginary world where you are reduced to just a digital profile.
Politically, Facebook  (more appropriately called ZogBook ) is divisive; causes Comrades to fall out over trivialities; opens our Movement up to all sorts of people and organisations tracking our activities and tracking YOU; reduces you to a person devoid of rational thinking as you knee-jerk inane postings or robotically respond to any and every stupid inanity posted up by people with no other agenda than to cause trouble and set us against each other.
I have preached my anti ZogBook campaign throughout 2015. I have been given all the reasons why ZogBook is good for the National Front and I am not convinced. Yes you can keep in touch with family and friends but how many of those ZogBook 'friends' are really friends? In life you are lucky if you manage to make a dozen real honest to goodness friends in your life.
The positives of ZogBook are far outnumbered by the negatives.
We need to get back to using an online Nationalist Forum.
A year or so back, Sid who edits TWN spent time and money setting up a really neat NF Forum and live chat room. Only Sid and myself joined. Everybody else was taking their ZogBook fix.
Please join me in taking our Movement off of ZogBook and back into reality. Into a world where we rationally discuss things on a White Nationalist Forum and live chat to Comrades. We can set a new forum up but only if YOU can kick the ZogBook habit.
Well can you? ??

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Forward The Extremists by A.K Chesterton (reprinted brilliant article)

Forward The Extremists by A.K Chesterton
 EVERY winter I am ordered
 abroad by my doctor and
 as I have many friends in South Africa it is there that I
 spend my time until
 returning to England in the Spring. Invariably I meet
 Britons who reside at the
 Cape and who, harbouring delightful visions of the land of
 their birth, save up
 money to go back on holiday, which they do with a sense of
 great expectation.
 During recent years those I have met on their return, almost
 without exception,
 have spoken of their experiences with a look of sadness,
 mixed with
 consternation, on their faces.
 "Things are very
 different now," they say. "It
 might almost be a foreign country. We shall never be tempted
 to go there again.
 We had thought of sending our boys to school in England—in
 fact that had been
 our idea from the time of their birth—but after our recent
 visit nothing would
 induce us to do so."
 Seizing on the word
 'foreign', I make some remark
 about coloured immigrants. Those visitors who travelled
 about the country or
 sauntered around inner London in the evening or saw the
 schools disgorging their
 pupils at the end of the day became well aware of the
 problem —they could
 scarcely have failed to do so.
 But, they told me, it was
 not that problem which
 caused them the greatest concern. What then, I asked, so
 gravely troubled them?
 "It's the English
 themselves," came the reply. (I
 do not think the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish were
 intended to be excluded
 from the indictment.) "Whatever can have happened to
 them? They were once a
 wonderful people. Now they give every appearance of being a
 defeated people, a
 shambling people, a people without the guts to resist being
 pushed around from
 morning to night."
 I make some reference to
 the hippies and am told :
 "No, it's not the hippies we are talking about, but
 the people who tolerate the
 hippies and all the other abortions who throng the streets.
 The people,
 moreover, who allow the most preposterous things to be seen
 and said on
 television. Such things would be impossible if the British
 people retained their
 pride in themselves and their nation."
 It will be correctly
 surmised that I have here
 summarised in my own words the gist of many conversations,
 but I do not think
 any will be found to challenge the overall accuracy of what
 has been written.
 That such impressions should be formed makes the heart
 The abiding impression, let
 there be no doubt of
 it, is of deep-rooted national decadence and nothing one can
 say in any way
 mitigates it.
 One such visitor, recently
 returned, expressed
 himself vehemently about the rabble which endeavoured to
 wreck the Springbok
 Rugby tour. I agreed, but pointed out that the spectators in
 the stand gave the
 Boks an uproarious and most sporting welcome.
 "Yes," he said. "That is the hell
 of it. If the people on the inside were the same as the
 morons yelling on the
 outside, there would be no Rugby matches and the whole
 country could be written
 off as a sink of degeneracy. But the fact that you have a
 large number of
 big-hearted sportsmen who would be a credit to any nation,
 and perhaps the best
 police force in the world, makes one fume that they should
 apparently be
 impotent to prevent the image of Great Britain being
 projected to the world as
 that of the hippie mob, and not as that of the decent
 elements—elements who
 should be able to dominate the national scene. Why don't
 That is a question I shall
 endeavour to answer.
 First, however, let me say that the vision of Britain
 brought back by
 disillusioned visitors is one that tends to be uppermost in
 my own mind as I
 picture the country from a distance of six thousand miles.
 When working at home
 I find myself tackling one absurdity or one act of treachery
 as it arises and
 sometimes losing sight of the wood for the trees. In other
 words, I become
 immersed in the daily round and habituated to the sort of
 problem each day is
 likely to bring. Out here, however, I begin to see the
 picture in its totality
 and to my sense of humiliation and anger is added a feeling
 of something very
 much akin to incredulity.
 Can it be true—or simply a horrible nightmare—that
 the posturing dwarfs
 elected by a brain-washed public have encouraged the entry
 into our small
 islands of people of totally disparate racial stock, and
 then enacted
 legislation designed to make criminals of those Britons who,
 having a preference
 for sharing their homeland with men and women of their own
 British breed, resist
 all ideas of racial integration?
 Is it possible that those who recoil in horror and disgust
 from the
 thought of such integration see no relation between the
 creatures who try to
 enforce the race-mixing and their own election of them to
 On a more personal level, is it possible that a
 creature like the Bishop of
 Stepney (Trevor Huddleston, you may remember) really said
 that he welcomed with
 all his heart the entry of large numbers of Blacks whose
 virility would
 reanimate our effete British blood and give it fresh vigour?
 To the European,
 conscious of his racial identity, and to the African,
 conscious of his such
 teaching was poisonous and foul, and Huddleston, who must
 have some knowledge of
 the pitiable world of the half-caste, sinned against both
 God and man in
 propagating so vile a doctrine. Who was the irreverent clown
 trying to please?
 Now to try to answer the question as to why the decent
 elements in Britain
 do not drive the unwashed rabble from the British scene. The
 answer is that they
 are as brain-washed as those whom they should oust from
 public view. They are
 convinced that Wilson as Prime Minister is a cheap joke and
 that the Labour
 Government is thoroughly anti-British, with neither of which
 propositions will I
 quarrel, but the poor saps believe that all will be made
 well by putting Edward
 Heath and a Conservative Government in their place, which is
 an absurdity.
 Well over sixty years ago Hilaire Belloc and my cousin,
 Cecil Chesterton,
 exposed the Party game as a sham-fight, and this it has
 remained—with both sides
 subservient to the Lords of Finance. If the Labour Party has
 anything to commend
 it, it is the fact that it does not pretend to be patriotic,
 Conservatives, singing Land of Hope and Glory, have sold
 British interests down
 pretty well every river in the world.
 That part of the Conservative Party which arouses the
 most scorn in me is
 the part which claims to be the Right Wing. Most of it
 belongs to the Monday
 Club, which sometimes ventures, ever so mildly and with all
 the tact in the
 world, to differ from the official leadership on such
 questions as Rhodesia. The
 chief concern of its members is that their lily-white
 fingers should never be
 spotted by any taint of extremism, which to them is the
 ultimate disaster, just
 as respectability is the sine qua non of their political
 being. That is why I
 despise them.
 There is, however, another movement which has taken
 over the fight—a
 movement of dedicated extremists. They alone inspire hope.
 Extremism does not mean violence, which is the
 political weapon of the ape.
 What it does mean is the giving of the whole of oneself and
 all the time and
 treasure one can afford, and more than one can afford, to
 the cause—for us the
 greatest of earthly causes, which is to rescue the once
 great British nation
 from the muddy Stygian depths in which she flounders.
 Whoever thinks that this
 task can be undertaken without extreme activity, with-out
 getting mud
 bespattered on hands and cuffs and without being called many
 nasty names, is a
 weakling, a political flaneur whose only service is to keep
 a hundred miles away
 from the battlefield. Forward the Extremists !
 Let those who really mean business get down to the job
 in hand and never
 mind the smears. The personal reward is nil. The national
 award will be superb.

Monday, 14 December 2015

The Descent into Chaos by Eddy Morrison

The Descent into Chaos by Eddy Morrison

I recently had a discussion with my eldest daughter about the nature of Social change. Why is everything the Victorians took for granted (actually I would take that date up to the mid-1930s)  now regarded as just not outdated but hopelessly stuck with taboos which we are now supposed to consider to have broken and we have entered a world of liberal enlightenment.
Homosexuality is no longer a crime -  as it was until the 1960's. In fact to be 'gay' (a good English word for expressing happiness) is now used exclusively to describe the Homosexual and Lesbian way of life.
Similarly any outmoded notion that there is a difference between the races of man is a xenophobic thinking because we are now supposed to know instinctively that all Races are equal.
And again similarly, the difference between men and women is a fiction and women are completely capable of carrying out every job or activity previously reserved for men and visa versa, men should be looking to become more feminine as the female of the species becomes the breadwinner.
The list goes on.

I have been rethinking the whole matter over the last few weeks and have imagined a man (or woman) suddenly taken out of Edwardian Britain and planted into today's 'enlightened society'  would consider our social attitudes not as enlightened but actually insane!
We have made great progress in all aspects of technology and physics in the last century and most of them are for the good.
However when it comes to the existence of racial differences, gender differences,  and our acceptance of Homosexuality to be natural we are told we must blindly accept them.
Books and ideas on the biology of race MUST conform to the liberal enlightenment and if they don't they are just made 'Unavailable'.
Instead facts, both scientific and social have been junked in favour of political correctness which really asks for medieval 'blind faith'  that this 'enlightenment' now demands.
The current notions of Racial Equality can not, not only be challenged but now if you do challenge them you will be ostracised from the 'liberal enlightenment'. In fact it will go further than that. Keep insisting on having an open discussion or debate about it and other politically correct norms you can lose your job, your standing in society and even your liberty.
We should not use the words 'politically correct' for even they blur the issue (purposely)  and we should use the correct term for our situation - political correctness is actually political oppression.
Every statement the few sane individuals able to speak out against the lunatic Weltzeit we now live under are first of all met with a whole bunch of modern swear words -  "racist", "homophobic "," sexist" and "xenophobic" to mention but a few.  In the hands of the Liberal Oligarchs who oversee this perverted Weltenshung are a pack of such cards.  They are all designed to stifle intelligent discussion on any of these forbidden matters. Science itself is warped to conform to the wishes of these Liberal Oligarchs.  Far from an enlightenment we have entered a new Dark Age.
An age when free thought, free discussion and even free thought are seriously under threat.

Why then has this descent into a Black Pit of liberalisation and globalism come about?
I believe that part of the answer lies in the fact that the Marxist thinking which has pervaded our universities since the 1930's & 40's, and indeed all places of education has produced three successive generations of Neo-Marxists whose children and grand children all imbued to the core with Marxist thinking and who now occupy the majority of the areas that control law, media, the arts and political power at every level of society that really matter.
So, yes there has been a conspiracy both written and unwritten to propel the Western World into a Communist edifice.
White Nationalists are the political lepers in this Communist Dark Society and we are so heretical that we should not even have the chance to promulgate our ideas but should be shut up either in society and if then that isn't enough, in our prisons.

Nature when Natural Law is contravened always falls into a state of entropy. The removal of Natural Law as recognised by previous generations of White men and women has and is producing a speeding up of this entropy into a situation of National and international Chaos.
Both classical and modern physics recognise the fundamental truth of the very matter of our Universe to constantly become more and more disordered until universal Chaos is achieved.
The longer these Oligarchs and their minions try and bend Nature to conform to its false and totally insane world view - a Marxist world view under  a Globalist banner then the more will Nature fight back as can be seen with for example, the advent of Aids (to use a good example). Nature is trying to stop the descent into anarchy because it recognises two laws above all - reproduction and survival.
Go to Venus for instance where Natural Law has lost the fight and you will find a world devoid of any form of life such are the physical conditions on that planet.
This is entropy in action.

The same fate awaits our world as long as it is lead by people who for all their 'tree hugging' are the sworn enemies of the natural order of things.
White Nationalism is the political expression of Nature. White Nationalism is Natural Law in action.
If White Nationalism fails then so too will not only the Western World but in the final and truly dystopian conclusion - ALL societies will become unsustainable and at the risk of sounding like some wild fundamentalist -  we will truly be witnessing 'The End Of Days'  and believe me there will be no 'Rapture'!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Love Story by Eddy Morrison

A Love Story
From Creation to the 1950's
A Man and a Woman four children - perfect
1960' onwards Single Parent Family, - three children - not so good
1990's Same Sex couples living together - no children - bad
Post Millennium - Men marrying men and women marrying Women - only children adopted. Seriously dangerous - Family values disappear
Transvestite marriages legalised - bad and confusing
2020 - Same Sex marriages receive extra benefits to cope with wave of adopted children left by single parent families
2040 - Marriage between Laboratory grown 'people'  and humans legal - it's getting weird
2041 - The death penalty reintroduced for homophobic crime

2050 New Animal Rights Bill recognises an animals right to marry a human - bizarre
2060 - Fast falling birth rate from normal heterosexual couples is countered by Androids with reproductive assets - Science fiction becomes reality
2080 -  Android marriage to other Androids legalised. Guy and Lesbian Androids entitled to extra state benefits to counter Android Hate Crime
2090 - First contact with human like aliens from Andromeda Galaxy. Scientists find they can reproduced with Homo Sapiens
2100 Andromeda Entities renamed Sentients by law. Sentient Hate Crime becomes a Capital Offense

2109 - Last marriage between two heterosexuals. Ceremony attended by mostly historians and  curiosity seekers
2200 - With no more human children being born the species Homo Sapiens is declared endangered species but dies out after Species from Orion Nebula hunt and kill last ones for their teeth which they believe helps fertility
2225 Supreme World Leader elects itself. It is a Gay, Transvestite, Part Robotic Specian who is emotionally challenged (now Earth's most common illness)
2300 -  Chimpanzees now only Anthropoids left on Earth as all other Sentient beings have disappeared in a chaos of identity causing mass suicide
2400 Male Ape marries Female Ape  with ring shaped banana
2500 -Love Story - The End

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

National Front - Remembering the 70's uncovered - rare footage

 Richard Edmonds, well known British Nationalist introduces this long forgotten film about the rise of the National Front in the United Kingdom.Footage from many of the most evocative marches, demonstrations and meetings is featured.The quality is variable as much of this was shot on hand held VHS cameras now transferred to DVD.The 1977 Lewisham March is shown which is still considered one of the most violent demonstrations to take place in Britain when Red Mobs attacked the NF March.
If you want a copy its available from

Monday, 16 November 2015

Our campaign for Horst Mahler by Richard Edmonds

Below is Richard Edmond's speech and appeal to the London Forum on Saturday.....


We are attempting to raise awareness in the English-speaking world of the cruel fate suffered by the German lawyer, Horst Mahler, sentenced to twelve years in prison for the expression of his non-violent views.

On Saturday, 14. November 2015, a very successful meting of the London Forum was held. Below is the speech that I made. In particular we also gave publicity at the London Forum to the very brave German revisionist-heroine, Ursula Haverbeck (aged 87, but wonderfully active) who  was sentenced to a ten month jail-sentence earlier in the  week. At the same time she was given leave to appeal, so at the moment she is a free woman; also the mass-circulation newspaper, Bild Zeitung [literally -Picture newspaper] put Ursula H. on the front page  as the "Nazi grandmother" - we have the newspaper. 

Regards, Richard.
There follows my speech at the London Forum:

We are talking here of the ordeal suffered by the German lawyer, Horst Mahler, jailed by a German court to twelve years of imprisonment for the expression of his non-violent views. Horst Mahler does not accept the standard version of the history of the Second World War. In particular Horst Mahler disputes the claims of the so-called Holocaust: the allegation that the Germans murdered millions of Jews during the course of the Second World War. And it is precisely as a lawyer, with stacks of forensic, scientific, objective evidence to hand, that Mahler makes his case that there is nothing to substantiate this notorious allegation of mass-murder. 

Mahler's case is based on the findings of Historical Revisionism, that is, the exposure of the so-called Holocaust as a propaganda-lie, invented and promoted by the British and American governments in an attempt to justify the Second World War. The endeavours to shine a bright light into the murky history of the Second World War are quite legal in Britain and in the United States of America, but in Germany a tyrannical, State-enforced censorship is implacably imposed on all those who would learn the truth of the so-called Holocaust.

Horst Mahler has experienced on his own person the harshness of this State-enforced censorship: for his efforts to find the truth of the “Holocaust”, he was sentenced to a term of twelve years of imprisonment; as of now he has spent six years confined in a prison cell; he is 79 years of age and his health is failing; he suffers from diabetes, as a consequence of which his left foot became gangrenous and needed to be amputated. At the present time he finds himself in a prison-hospital, learning how to walk with but one foot, and he is facing the prospect of spending another six years locked in a jail-cell.

I will say here that I identify completely with Mahler's position on the so-called Holocaust. I have spent forty years of my life investigating the allegation that the Germans murdered millions of Jews during the Second World War, and I have satisfied myself that the allegation is nothing but a propaganda-lie. In large part I base my opinions on the statements made by the world-acknowledged expert on the “Holocaust”, Professor Dr. Raul Hilberg of the University of Vermont, USA, when he appeared as an expert witness on this subject at a trial in North American in the 1980s: Professor Dr. Hilberg stated, as an expert witness, that he knew of no forensic, scientific, objective evidence to substantiate the claims of the so-called Holocaust: none at all.

The so-called “Holocaust” is a propaganda-lie invented and promoted by the governments of Great Britain and the United States of America to justify the Second World War and to justify the post-1945 political settlement of the world that resulted from that war. In the contemporary world, ever since 1945, which ever way one looks, one is confronted by the propaganda-lie of the “Holocaust”.

If one questions the justification of the Second World War, the most destructive war in history during the course of which sixty millions lost their lives and at the end of which the cities of central Europe were smoking ruins with millions as refugees and millions more starving; and at the end of that war Great Britain was bankrupt and forced to beg for loans from the USA in order that the British people also did not literally starve; if one raises these questions, then every mouth-piece of the Establishment, the politicians, the media, Academia, the Churches, the Trade Unions, the Left, the so-called Conservatives all clamour with one voice: “Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust, the Germans were murdering millions of Jews, we had to fight the Second World War”; all lies, intended to justify the most destructive war in our history.

If one opposes mass-immigration, the same Establishment mouth-pieces all clamour ”that's Racism, that's Hatred, that leads to Auschwitz and to the gas-chambers.” I'll give a notorious example of this technique being employed. Enoch Powell spoke for millions when gave his famous warning to the British people, “We must be mad, literally mad to be permitting all these Third-worlders to pour into Britain. The nation is piling up its own funeral-pyre.” But the reaction from the Establishment was not long in coming. The left-wing Labour MP, Tony Benn denounced Powell in the House of Commons and accused Powell of “ walking along the path that leads to Auschwitz....” All lies and a blood-libel on the British people.

If one regrets the setting up of the Zionist State of Israel, and one deplores all the wars in the Middle East, the past, present and future wars consequent on the setting up of the Zionist State, then comes the justification: ”Holocaust, Holocaust, Holocaust: the Germans and the Europeans are mass-murdering maniacs.” All disgusting lies. The fact is that the Zionist State was founded on a fraud.

Our modern world is dominated by the propaganda-lie of the “Holocaust” before which we are to bow down and before which we are to sacrifice all that is dear to us: Justice, the Truth and our very future as a white, European people. Horst Mahler understands all this very clearly; and he understands that the only way to combat this propaganda-lie is to stand up publicly and to denounce it as such. Mahler also understands to his great credit that to challenge effectively such a propaganda-lie so deeply embedded in society and so viciously enforced by the ruling regime, one is required personally to pay a very high  price.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Amazing book nails the 6 Million lie!

Just bought this from Amazon - get one!!!!!
5th EDITION. New Appendices: Photos of hospitals, dentistry clinics, child nurseries, sport and prisoner theater at Auschwitz; the "Oskar Groening confession"; reparations swindles; Sobibor excavations, the "Suchomel confession" and the Alois Brunner "I would do it again" lie.
This work is without doubt the single most important revisionist overview of the legend of the “Six Million” Holocaust ever yet published.
Just some of the amazing revelations in this book include:
- How Zionists and Nazis cooperated before the war on writing Germany’s racial laws—and in the setting up of Jewish settlements in Palestine;
- How Zionists offered to take up arms for Nazi Germany against Britain during World War II;
-How Nazi policy was first aimed at encouraging Jews to emigrate, and then after the war broke out, to evacuating them east of the Urals;
- How official German records shows that there were 4.5 million Jews under Nazi control, and of that number, 4.3 million lodged claims as “Holocaust victims” after the war;
- How the Soviet Union used torture to produce the lion’s share of “confessions” extracted from Germans to support the “extermination” allegations;
- How the Jewish lead prosecutor in the “Einsatzgruppen” trials publicly admitted to having witnessed torture and personally used death threats to extract “confessions”;
- Exactly what Adolf Eichmann Confessed to—and what he did not;
- The shocking lies and distortions contained in the two John Demjanjuk trials;
- How the Auschwitz Camp Museum has formally admitted that the “gas chamber” it has shown to millions of tourists is actually a fake;
- How original German architect plans of Auschwitz show no “gas chambers”;
- How forensic chemical examination of Auschwitz has disproved the use of Zyklon-B in the so-called “ruined gas chambers”;
- How official Israeli and Polish university archaeological digs at Belzec and Sobib√≥r have failed to find any evidence of “gas chambers”; and of how a similar dig at Chelmno directly contradicted “eyewitness” testimony;
- How the “gas chambers” at Majdanek have glass windows, baths, and real showers for the alleged “victims”;
- How the “carbon monoxide” gas bottles on display at Majdanek, still connected to a “gas chamber,” are in fact engraved and marked as “carbon dioxide!”;
- Details of the “Star of David gas chamber tile” hoax at the 2013 Treblinka archaeological dig;
- How a delousing chamber at Dachau has been misrepresented as a homicidal gas chamber;
- How German POWs were forced to alter a shower room at Sachenhausen to support a Soviet show trial—but that the forgery was so crude and embarrassing that the Communists knocked down the building in 1952.
- The Bergen-Belsen camp is also reviewed, along with an explanation of the typhus epidemic which swept the camp in the last months of the war and created the horror images of emaciated dead bodies now associated with “the Holocaust.”
This new version also deals with the “eyewitness survivor” memoirs and their outright lies and forgery, starting with a superbly illustrated expose of the faked memoirs of “Nazi hunter” Simon Wiesenthal and many others.
Finally, the last section discusses the all-important question of how and why the Holocaust storytellers have gone through so much trouble to make up the incredible story of the “Six Million.”
If you only ever read one book about the Holocaust, this has to be it.
180+ illustrations. July 2015. Fifth edition.