Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ian Stuart Donaldson 1957 to 24th September 1993

Today is the anniversary of the death of one of the World's greatest White Nationalists, Ian Stuart who was tragically taken from the fight at the early age of only 36 years old. He was a constant champion of White Nationalism and the prime mover in establishing the White Nationalist music scene with his now legendary band, "Skrewdriver".
Ian could have gone down the materialistic road and made a name for himself in the ZOG media music racket. But no, his sense of his Race and Nation were too dear to him and he walked away from it, dedicating his every day for our Cause.
I did know Ian, not as close a lot of Comrades but enough to have a chat with himon the telephone and I met him a few times in London at National Action Party meetings.
We lost a great Comrade and a true friend to many.
Comrade Ian Stuart - Present!
I can think of no better tribute than to play Saga's,
Well My Brother'.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

National Front Remembrance Day March, Sunday November 9th 2014

Please note - new earlier march off time 1.45pm earlier  than previous years
This is the OFFICIAL NF March
Do NOT be confused with any other should it happen that some of the NF Wreckers dare to turn up!

There will be dozens of NF Security Stewards on hand
 so if in doubt just ask one of these.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

"The Fallen" - a site we should always visit

I have just noticed on my site links for this Blog that I have included "The Fallen List". Forgive me for this oversight especially as I find it useful to highlight the atrocious killings and maimings being carried out against White people, with little or no mention.......
The Fallen List

Friday, 19 September 2014

"Race doesn't exist - the big liberal lie"

When I first joined the National Front way back in 1967 (I often wonder how many founder members are still active - or even alive?), I had no knowledge of the role of Jewish influence in world history and in current affairs.
Neither had I a great understanding of Race and Racial differences.
One of the people I have to thank for starting on the road to becoming a White Nationalist was Matin Webster ( who became the best National Activity Organser I have ever known Sadly, personal attributes mean that Martin's obvious talents as both a great speaker, writer and organiser have been negated by the downside of what White Nationalists accept as both moral and ethical value)

The books Martin listed as ones I should read included H.B Isherwood's Racial Contours; Frank L. Britton's Behind Communism (which opened my eyes to the Jewish role in formenting the Russian Revolution);Nesta Webster's World Revolution.
Two other books I read were White Power and Tomorrow The World both by Lincoln Rockwell, and both of which along with his From Ivory Tower to Privy Wall, I always recommend to men and women joining the ranks of White Nationalism.
Racial Contours is an excellent book and although dating somewhat, is still well worth reading.
One of the most essential books for those White Nationalists who wish to know a lot more about race is the mammoth Race by John Baker. I keep this voume on my beside table as it the best proof not only of the existence of Race but an academic revelation into all the various facets of Race and the Races of the World.

This short article is penned because the constant denial by our Liberal Oligarchy that 'race is only skin deep' and their huge effort to take the very idea out of the social and political equation of Race and racial realities and Race's huge impact on history and the rise and fall of civilisations, is constantly thrust in our faces.
Race only exists in Great Britain when ZOG wants it to exist. On one hand they are denying racial differences and the strengths and weaknesses of the races of the world, yet on the other they are passing legislation making a proper debate on the subject of Race not only impossible but also illegal.
The truth about Race lies somothered by the draconian laws of our ZOG masters ( who, by the way are quite strident if their own racial values are questioned, or even mentioned!)

My academic background is one of Computer Science and Computer Programming. I have completed five City and Guilds and a Diploma and a Certificate from the Open University gained over the last ten years.
I have to admit then that when I make statements concerning Race, then I do so as a layman.
One has only to open one's eyes to see that there are great differences between an Australian aborigine and a Chinese man. Or an Eskimo (Innuit! God give me strength). Or the differences between a person of Negroid extraction and a Red Indian (oops, I mean Native American - even though there is strong evidence that Norsemen reached the Americas before the Red Indians. In fact the study of Kennewick Man suggest that Whites may have been in North America long before the Norse).
(Left - Kennewick Man)

There are seven major racial groups in the world and I am going to be brave and say that I disagree with Isherwood's idea that there are only five major races.
I would put this forward for study and expansion, and would be more than pleased to hear fellow White Nationalist's view and ideas on the 'Seven Races of the World'.

The Races of Man
Caucasoid - the White Race, covering North America, Europe and Australasia
Mongoloid - the race whose features can so clearly be seen in Chinese, Japanese and other areas North of the Himalayan range.
Asiatic - Covering lower Asia, India, the Islands of the Philippine Sea, also covering Pakistan and many of the Middle Eastern countries. The Semites and Hamites I would classify as sub-Races of the Asian Race
Australoid - the Australian aborigines and the Tasman Islanders (but NOT New Zealand)
Amerind - the peoples who dominated North America before the coming of the White man.
Amazonian - the natives of South America, who used to be classified as Amerind but who bear NO resemblance to them. Compare a picture of an Apache for instance against that of one of the primitive tribes inhabiting the Amazon Basin.
Negroid - native to the continent of Africa and easily recognisable.

There are two groups which do not fall into any of these seven categories are they are the Hottentots and Bushmen of South Africa (who had far more primitive biological make-ups than the Negroids.
The other one is the Polynesian, including the Maori of New Zealand and the Hawaiins and the population scattered across the wide area of the Pacific.
It may be in time that the Bushmen and Hottentots are recogised as a race in their own right and so to, the Polynesian (who may have a strong admixture of ancient Caucasian blood. I emphasis the word 'may' here)

So next time your child comes home from school with his or her daily liberal indoctrination from their PC Teaching crew, that race doesn't exist and  only nasty racialists such as those in the National Front. Educate and show them that there are vast differences between the races. They are your children and they we hope that many of them will fill out the ranks of the World's White Nationalists.

I will finish on a quote I find of vast deepness even though it is mere five words - 'Race is the only Truth' (Arnold Leese)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Mjolnir Magazine site is back

After a lot of work we have finally got the website for the excellent mjolnir magazine.
Just an under construction page but keep an eye on it for new developments

Mjolnir Magazine

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Kent Labour 'Outrage' and response by Nemesis

Following the recent visit to a  mosque in Kent by members of Britain First, the leader of the local Labour Party and a prospective parliamentary Labour candidate  succumbed to a severe bout of (very selective) moral indignation.

'Nemesis' responds:-

Yet again I see you've taken to your well-worn soapboxes to denounce the iniquities of 'racism'.
Would this be a reference to the local housing association that discriminated in favour of Asians, by any chance? Or to the scumbag private landlord who no longer takes in British tenants, or to countless other well documented cases of anti-White racism?
I don't recall hearing your protests about any of these. Evidently not: When the victims are White & British  they are of no interest  to you or your ilk.
I see you've also wasted valuable column space in the local paper with your silly little letter: Judging from the signatories I gather it's from the usual ragbag collection of Marxist malcontents & misfits.

Regarding its subject matter - building mosques -  why should there be any in this country anyway?  How many churches are there in Moslem countries? (ie  ones that have not been converted into mosques or burned down). It simply beggars belief how you can reconcile your so-called 'equal rights' agenda by defending an institution which breads fanatical Jihadists!
And why should atheistic Marxists  - who tell us 'religion is the opium of the people'  - want to rub shoulders with Moslem fanatics in the first place? (To get their votes presumably). 
'Anti-racism' is just a euphemism for anti-White: You've no objection to any other racial group wanting to preserve its ethnic integrity - it only becomes a crime (in your eyes) when its done by White Europeans.
 And 'Multi-culturalism' is just a euphemism for ethnic-cleansing: a polite word for turning indigenous White Brits into a minority in their own country.

I used to think treason was the most heinous crime, but genocide is even worse: Your party  - and the other two - are guilty on both counts. Pity they abolished capital punishment - the hangman would have been very busy.

Thought you might be interested in the following quote; it's from  RACE TRAITOR magazine  (you can check this online if you want, I'm not making it up). Your Marxist mentor and guru Noel Ignatiev  - who also calls himself an 'anti-racist'  -  says:
"The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race. Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as 'the white race' is destroyed - not 'deconstructed' but destroyed... Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity."
Would this be your agenda too? Time to come out of the closet gentlemen: Stop hiding behind your puerile 'anti-racist' rhetoric and tell us what you REALLY believe in - if you've got the guts to.

I wondered what your constituents would make of all this. Maybe somebody should tell them.
PS: And I challenge you to substitute the words Black or Asian (or whatever) for White in the above quote .......I think you know very well what the outcome would be.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Is this some sort of joke? The 'lets pretend we're a Party NF"

I have to keep stopping myself from making a comment about the circus that is the Jaggers/Costard clique which is both fraudulently taking money from people who think they are the National Front - this is in the form of donations and subscriptions neither of which are valid and are without any doubt whatsoever - theft by fraudulent deceit.
However I could not help myself when I took my monthly glance at their 'website'.......
This is their regional organisation - I only managed to screen capture half of it but the bits missing tell the same joke....
Examine their 'Regional Contact' list below. Only two names are listed for each Region. So you would think different names or even invented names? But no, the two political retards who have put there names down as organiser and treasurer are the same people for each!
In my time having to serve under the disgraceful excuse for a Chairman, Edward Costard, (in one case a oddity called Thomas Davis - who'se he you may ask?)
I witnessed many acts of lunacy, but this map takes the biscuit! Read and enjoy!!!!!
Batman and Robin couldn't cover as much ground so Dell Boy and Mr.Bean must be better!

Thursday, 4 September 2014


(Below might seem old stuff but as a piece of Nationalist history I think I should publish it)

By Eddy Morrison
I am reproducing below correspondence (I thought I had lost) between myself and the Ex-Chairman failing BNP regarding my pointing out to him the existence of an unofficial Blog which is so anti-White Nationalist it might as well be Red.
 I was hoping to save him some embarrassment! His replies were so nasty that I have sent them too many world White Nationalist leaders and leading British Nationalists. I have had no less than 36 e-mails of support so far (2007)
“I did not wish to engage in a war of words with man who sat like a leaden weight on British Nationalism and far from evolving it – is taking it back to 1950’s style Toryism. Anyway – Comrades – judge for yourselves!” (Last paragraph written in 2007)

Subject: Fw: Disgrace to British Nationalism
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 09:55:34 +0100
Dear Comrades,
I received this e-mail unexpectedly. I am not replying as I have no wish to open any dialogue with the anti-racists such as Griffin as now become. He has now stood by the dreadful BNP anti-racist, anti-'Nazi' BNP site with its links to left organisations (openly displayed at the bottom of the index page) - together with supporting ads (top of page) promoting jobs for ethnics.
The site also makes the statement "any member of the BNP who makes racist comments will be expelled" - Griffin is standing by this ludicrous statement! (Remember the Keighley lads he offered up as sacrificial lambs?). What about the general public of Britain - about 80% racist?
I have never raised the subject of Hitler with him or Slavs for that matter so his rant is weird to say the least! (Historical note: Nearly a million Slavic Europeans fought in various branches of the Wehrmacht and the SS and many were highly decorated - but again that is an irrelevance to this debate).
I can only conclude by saying that in response to my original and I thought reasonable request, the chairman of the BNP hasn't enough to do than waste time on a supposed non-entity such as myself. Or is mentally unstable. Or I have touched such a raw nerve that his conscience and it's keeping him up nights.
What a very strange and chameleon like man is our Mr.Griffin!
14 Words
Eddy Morrison
British People's Party

----- Original Message -----
From: Nick Griffin
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 7:12 AM
Subject: Re: Disgrace to British Nationalism

For the record, how can anyone who worships Hitler - the man who merrily lost a World War because of his crazed hatred of the Slavs - talk of 'White Nationalism?
Hitler was a petty, parochial German chauvinist, and his actions made him, more than anyone else in human history, the man responsible for the ghastly plight of the white nations of the world today.
Wrong again? Nothing new for you.
Nick Griffin

----- Original Message -----
From: BPP
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 9:20 PM
Subject: Re: Disgrace to British Nationalism
 Dear Mr.Griffin,
Of course we won't waste your time again. You wouldn't want anything from us 'Nazi Scum' would you? We'll get on with trying to find out who wrote "The Mindbenders" and edited that near openly NS magazine - "The Rune". Obviously whoever it was must have been Nazi Scum too? Same chap we believe who was a big fan of Codreanu - himself a fascist we believe. Same chap who was involved with Neo-fascists from Italy? Gosh we must have got our wires crossed somehow. Many apologies for thinking you were a White Nationalist.
I thought it was just the reds who called me Nazi Scum. Seems I am wrong again!
Eddy Morrison

----- Original Message -----
From: Nick Griffin
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 8:15 PM
Subject: Disgrace to British Nationalism
While we do not approve of members of the public using our logo, at least this kid has more brains than all your clique of Hollywood Nazi scum put together.
 May I suggest you don't waste you time - or mine - again?

----- Original Message -----
From: BPP
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 12:40 PM
Subject: This Blog is a disgrace to BNP and British Nationalism

Dear Mr.Griffin,
We are bringing your attention to the following Blog which we have openly exposed on our own website at
Can we be assured this does not carry official BNP sanction? Can we assume that this disgrace to British Nationalism will be removed? Check out the URL:-

Yours sincerely
Eddy Morrison
For the BPP

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Why the betrayal of TE Lawrence sowed the seeds of today's Middle East conflicts

The truth about how Britain sold out a hero for Israel's benefit
At the start, he was the most unpromising of military heroes: small, intellectual, shy, noted for his slovenly dress and a lack of regard for military hierarchy or status. But TE Lawrence invented a new kind of warfare, played a pivotal role in the First World War and emerged from the deadliest conflict in history as – probably – the greatest and most celebrated public hero of the age.
There was something almost mythical about him. One story illustrates it. When Allied troops stormed the Ottoman stronghold of Aqaba – with Lawrence at the head of an Arab force – tensions flared between British soldiers and their ostensible Arab allies. The British – believing themselves under attack – were about to retaliate. The consequences would have been catastrophic.
Suddenly, a figure dressed in white robes stepped into the mayhem, and raised his hand. Instantly, the tension subsided. TE Lawrence – an Englishman who had, from his mid-teens, immersed himself in the language, culture and traditions of the Arab world – saved the day.
The British, believing the Ottoman Turks represented a threat to the control of Egypt, encouraged the Arabs to rise against their Turkish colonial masters, arming and supplying them.
“The capture of Aqaba is the most magnificent illustration of his philosophy,” says writer and Conservative MP Rory Stewart, who walked across Iran and Afghanistan, immersing himself in the languages and traditions of a profoundly non-Western culture. Aqaba, he says, demonstrates Lawrence’s mastery of guerrilla warfare, in which a small insurgent force can inflict damage on a much larger, conventional army and then melt back into the local population.
“It was an extraordinary flanking manoeuvre across hundreds of miles of desert, moving through occupied territory and attacking a garrison town in the heart of the Ottoman empire from the most unexpected direction. It showed imagination, speed, risk: Aqaba is the real symbol of Lawrence’s brilliance.”
TE LawrenceThe keys to his relationship with the Arabs with whom he fought are described in his famous Twenty Seven Articles, where he states, “Learn all you can… Get to know their families, clans and tribes, friends and enemies, wells, hills and roads. Do all this by listening and by indirect enquiry. Do not ask questions. Get to speak their dialect of Arabic, not yours. Until you can understand their illusions, avoid getting deep into conversation or you will drop bricks.” Lawrence immersed himself so profoundly that he acted, spoke, thought and lived as an Arab.
Rory Stewart, who a decade ago served as a deputy provincial governor in Iraq during the US-led occupation, became disillusioned with the West’s attempts to remake the Arab world in its own image. “Lawrence is brutally honest about the realities of occupation,” he argues. “He identifies how unpopular it can be. We imagine ourselves as well intentioned. But the basic lesson of Lawrence is humility.
“He understood the limitations of what Western powers could do. He had faith in other peoples. He believed in Arabs as an impressive, intelligent, honourable people, who had an extraordinary civilisation. He believed interfering foreigners would make things not better, but worse. He was right.”
Lawrence’s dream was that he would become the prophet of a movement that would deliver independence to the Arabs. Even as he was fighting in the desert, this dream was betrayed and Britain and France conspired to partition liberated Arabia into their respective spheres of influence. Lawrence raged: “We asked them to fight on the basis of a lie.”
By the war’s end, he was, reluctantly, a celebrity. Millions went to see Lawrence of Arabia, the David Lean film about his exploits, which marks its 50th anniversary this year. He was lionised in the USA. After a war that had sent a generation of young men to futile deaths, Lawrence became the hero that the British empire craved. But his warnings – that Britain’s Arab allies had been betrayed by the postwar settlement – went unheeded and to this day cast a shadow over the West’s relationship with the Arab world.

Palestine after 1945
On the demise of the League of Nations in 1946 Britain, as the mandatory power, had two options. Either it could grant independence to Palestine, as had been done in the case of all the other A Class Mandates - Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan - or it could place Palestine under trusteeship. Sectarian conflict made independence impossible. Britain then proposed trusteeship for a five year period. In so doing Britain explained:
"throughout the period of the Mandatory rule in Palestine it has been the object of His Majesty's government to lay the  foundations for an independent Palestinian state in which Arabs and Jews would enjoy equal rights."
When this proposal was rejected by both Arabs and Jews, Britain asked the United Nations to make recommendations on the future of Palestine. 
On 29 November 1947 the General Assembly adopted Resolution 181(II) by a vote of 33 (including France, USA and USSR) to 13 (including all Arab States) with 10 abstentions (including China and the UK), which provided for the partition of Palestine into an Arab and a Jewish state, an economic union between them and the internationalisation of Jerusalem under United Nations administration. The Mandate was to terminate on the withdrawal of Britain and not later than 1 August 1948.
Resolution 181(II) was accepted by the Zionist League on behalf of the Jewish community but was rejected by the Arab community of Palestine and by Arab States. This was not surprising as the partition plan offered the Jewish community comprising 33 per cent of the population of Palestine 57 per cent of the land and 84 per cent of the cultivatable land. According to Ernest Bevin, Britain's Foreign Minister, it was "manifestly unfair to the Arabs".
The legality of Resolution 181(II) was and still is debated hotly by international lawyers. Moreover, it was clearly impossible to implement it in the face of Arab opposition. Attention then returned to the possibility of a trusteeship agreement and on 20 April 1948 the US introduced  the text of a draft Trusteeship Agreement for Palestine before the General Assembly which envisaged a single Palestinian state. Time was, however, running out as the United Kingdom had announced that it would evacuate its administration at midnight on 14 May.
Thus, at midnight on 14 May 1948 Israel declared its independence, invoking Resolution 181 (II) in support. From the outset, however, it was clear that the new state of Israel had no intention of abiding by the terms of the Resolution. The new state was recognised immediately by President Truman of the United States, much to the surprise and consternation of the State Department, which had warned against premature recognition. Two days later Israel was recognised by the Soviet Union.
Israel's declaration of independence was followed by hostilities between the new state and the Arab states of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, which were brought to an end by the Armistice Agreements of 1949, and which resulted in the state of Israel occupying much more of Palestine than was envisaged by Resolution 181 (II). On 11 May 1949 Israel was admitted to the United Nations, with Britain abstaining in both the Security Council and the General Assembly.

It is abundantly clear that Britain reneged on the agreements given by both Lawrence and also General Allenby.
The U.N Treaty mentioned above is highly questionable and the only conclusion any thinking person can come to is this ISRAEL IS AN ILLEGAL STATE!
Israel has usurped its already illegal standing by further expanding its borders and carrying on a Genocidal War against the non-Jewish people of Palestine.

Friday, 29 August 2014

White Independent Nation Site 10/10!

I was both pleased and suprised when I was directed to the White Independent Nation site.
The site is sensible, well written and well thought out - a breath of fresh air for those of us fighting for White Nationalism every hour of every day.
Time is running out Comrades. One Movement alone is left with a chance of halting White Racial Genocide - and that is the National Front!
Below is the introduction to the WIN site......
"White Independent Nation is the pre-eminent exponent of White community building in Britain. We seek the security of our genetic inheritance and aim to provide whatever is necessary to pave the way for a New Tribe of racially conscious White people.

By acquistion, social influence, and the gradual remodelling of existing communities, W.I.N. will cast aside the stifling influence of a criminal multi-racial democracy. It is our duty as responsible members of the White race to become operative in the future of our people rather than permit our racial enemies and traitors to seal our fate for all time.

If you have the vision, tenacity, and a thorough understanding of our plight, then please reconsider your position as a passive bystander and begin to participate in the defence and cultivation of our kinsfolk. We aim to pass on to the next generation something palpable and impart the image of a brighter future."