Monday, 5 October 2015

Richard Edmond's Speech to NF AGM 2015

            Richard Edmond's Speech to NF AGM 2015
Friends, Fellow Members,

This had been the year of the National Front. This has been the year we confounded our enemies and opponents. They tried to stop us and they utterly failed.

At the very start of the year we had our first major success when the political Establishment, controlling the Electoral Commission, had to accept and give us our right to stand as National Front candidates at this year's elections, at the General Election and at the local government elections in May. For two years the political Establishment had blocked us; then at the very last moment they gave in and we went forward. All credit to the National Front. We fielded Parliamentary and local government candidates right across Great Britain: in England, Wales and in Scotland. All credit to our brave candidates who stood up as the only genuine voice of the British people.

This year we hit the ground running. We overcame every difficulty and we triumphed on every occasion. Who will forget our White Pride rally held in the very center of Manchester. Our National Front banners and the Union flags dominated the sky-line at Manchester's famous Piccadilly Gardens. We made speech after speech to the hundreds of well wishers, sympathisers, shoppers and members of the public who gathered to hear our message of Hope to the British people.

The Manchester rally was held in the Spring; in mid-Summer we marched in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. With the drums beating, the flags flying, and the banners held high and we marched through the town center: the local folk, the shoppers, the mothers with their children, all gathered on the pavements to watch us march by. We held out open-air rally right in the town centre: “Stop Immigration” was the slogan, and our speakers knew how to address the listening crowds. The Wakefield march was a great day in the time-honoured tradition of the National Front. We had already proved the year before in Newcastle that we could hold major activities in Britain's major cities. Twice last year, once in the Spring and a second repeat in the Autumn, we held large scale open demonstrations in the very centre of Newcastle: again hundreds of shoppers and well-wishers saw and heard the National Front. This has been the year of the National Front. Last month at Dover it was the National Front that organised and led Patriots and Nationalists in a combined march and demonstration against an intended, criminal invasion of Britain. There are the tens of thousands of aliens, criminals, foreigners all massed up at Calais, just twenty miles the other side of the Channel and all intending by hook or by crook in getting into Britain: “Stop the Invasion” was our rallying call. At Dover, a Red-mob attempted to stop our march; suffice it to say that British manhood and British resolve won the day and we marched flags flying with banners held high to our rally at the Dover docks. To enormous cheers one of the speakers quoted Julius Caesar: “We came, we saw, we conquered at Dover.”  Let it be noted here that all our major activities are filmed by our media team and put onto the Internet so that White Nationalists world-wide can be inspired by our successes.

We are in business to dismantle the multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare society that the traitor politicians at Westminster have forced onto us. Every opinion confirms that the vast majority of British people are totally against mass-immigration; they don't want this country flooded with millions of foreigners. The political Establishment at Westminster has betrayed the British people. They have lied and cheated and deceived at every election. The political Establishment is so wicked and inhumane that they deliberately cover up the vile and dastardly crimes committed in their multi-racial society. They are so wicked, they deliberately covered up the crimes committed by the vile, criminal Asian grooming gangs. The vile party politicians, the vile Labour politicians, the vile Tory politicians and the vile Liberal Democrat politicians knew all about the vile crimes committed against British children, some of them girls as young as eleven years of age. The vile party politicians covered up and denied for years and years the vile crimes committed by their vile darling, criminal ethnics: the ones they love so much. The rape of children, the party politicians let it go on for years, with impunity.

Speed the day, that sees the end to the multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare society. Speed the day that sees the vile party politicians swept from public office. Long live the National Front.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hull demo September 19th

I had this sent to me today. It is a chap helping out on the Hull NF "Homes for Britons in Hull" demo - the thing is, he was just shopping in Hull Centre and the next minute - Voila!
Well done whoever you are Sir!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

We are a FRONT for all! By Eddy Morrison

We are a FRONT for all! By Eddy Morrison
I would like to comment on the involvement of the many groups which come along on National Front activities,  especially the now famous 'Flash Demos '.
It my opinion, formed over many years of hard fighting for the Cause of White Nationalism that to ignore the rising groups of young White men and women,  many of whom are ex  - EDL,  would be a very short sighted view of what is at the moment our greatest pool of new recruits into the National Front.
I had no time for the EDL, an organisation which was led by a big mouthed self opinionated man who wasn't even brave enough to use his real name.  The EDL were a disorganised anti - Muslim rent-a-mob who encouraged the flying of that flag of Nationalist destruction - the Star of David with their  'leader' was tripping over himself in his efforts to prove just how pro - Jewish he was. (Similar indeed to the 'leader' if the group calling itself 'Britain First ", a nasty little bully called Goulding who just short of beating his head against the Wailing Wall on Jerusalem, also goes to extreme lengths including having his members patrolling the Golders Green area to prevent attacks on Jews by Muslims).
We long expected the disintegration of the EDL with its new Rainbow Banner Pink Section & that has now, thankfully come about.
I would say to any genuine White Patriot still supporting this ridiculous organisation to GET OUT NOW!
I predicted that just like the equally pro Zionist BNP, that the EDL would throw off a myriad of splinter groups and this is in fact the case.
We have groups such as the Infidels, the Alliances & many others who have walked away from the sham EDL and started up resistance groups to the projected Islamification of Britain - if statistics are correct then Britain will be governed by Sharia Law by 2050!
I applaud these groups as should the National Front in general.
They may have only a single issue at the moment,  the battle against Islamification , but being young White Patriots they will have in them all great potential to become fully informed White Nationalist Front fighters.
We cannot blind ourselves to their existence,  they are the most obvious pool of recruitment for a new generation of White Nationalists.
By all means we the NF should be cooperating with their demos and as is happening welcoming them along to ours.
If we take the last two demos as examples - Dover & last Saturday in Wigan - these young men stood shoulder to shoulder with the NF in the same way that all the Red groups - divided as they are by small political differences, stood rucksack to rucksack against the perceived greater threat  of a reborn National Front!
We also saw on both occasions the Red low lives getting the worst of it when it came to these nanny pamby Class Warriors having to confront REAL street fighting men & women.
We should look forward to a day when all these groups are marching under the United White banners of the NF and far from discouraging their involvement,  we should be embracing them with open arms!
Eddy Morrison

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

God Bless Christopher Hitchens!.....and I am an Atheist and he was a Red!

The late Christopher Hitchen's was a lifelong atheist as am I - we differed on politics - he was a Marxist and I am a White Nationalist - BUT he is the one Marxist who I admire greatly. Succinct, brave and a fierce champion of free speech - even for White Nationalists and Holocaust Deniers. Hitchen's was one of the very few who stood up and defended David Irving against his jailing in Austria - anyway, watch the video below amd take the message home - FREE SPEECH IS PRICELESS!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I myself am an Holocaust Denier .........

I myself am an Holocaust Denier and I have come to that conclusion because of my lifetime interest in history and the truth in history. 
I would say though that the National Front and the White Nationalist movement in general should support the right of historians and academics to investigate what really happened in history. 
Let us presume the Holocaust did happen and Six Million Jews were gassed.  If that is true then the evidence for it should be so overwhelming that people like myself who am both an Historical Revisionist and a Holocaust Denier would be rightly looked on as deluded lunatics who should be locked away for their own safety. 
The true facts are that whilst the Liberal Oligarchy which controls the Western world prides itself on both democracy and the encouragement of scientific research, allows a wide birth of interpretation of both scientific and historic evidence AS LONG AS THEY AGREE WITH IT!
The real truth is that in most European countries I would be locked away, as many have already been just for questioning it.  The Holocaust, alongside  research of Racial Truth are suppressed by law and also by the refusal to publish any facts that go against the accepted version of history and of science which are drip fed to generations of our young.
I stand up for Historical Revisionism because I believe that the search for Truth is one of the prime reasons we exist.
I will never accept nor bow down to the Zionist dictated censorship and repression of Truth in Race and History. 
I continue to applaud those brave men and women who are, as you read this, currently residing in ZOGS prisons for doing the same.
Eddy Morrison 

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Financing The National Revolution

Let's hope the above picture doesn't offend Islam...
Financing The National Revolution
Unlike the almost defunct BNP, the National Front does not constantly badger it's members and supporters for donations. 
In the hay day of Griffin's reign of usury and corruption,  the BNP were employing a set of staff in an office in Ulster - their task? There task was the worst form of telemarketing one can imagine. 
I was on the BNP list of possible donors and some days I received no less than SIX different emails asking me to DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!
In between the slick Americanised market lingo were donate buttons - scores of them. I was also asked to provide my home address to receive 'special bulletins from the Chairman himself '
I was offered a bewildering level of Membership schemes which read like a usurious 'Ponzi Racket'.
From ordinary members right up to Life Membership, my (never tested!) commitment to the BNP & presumably it's constantly shifting ideology was measured purely in how much cash they could squeeze out of me.
I am surprised that they hadn't come up with a scheme to enrol dead relatives into membership to ensure they had an ethereal BNP Membership card in Paradise. In a way they were and still are.
With just a few hundred members left, the current people running the BNP are hanging on to the name to ensure that the well intentioned  people who left cash in their wills, actually die so the cash driven shysters now sitting in the vacated chair of their ex-leader Nick Gri££in scanning the obituary columns, can keep themselves well paid with all expenses of course. 
I have gone on at some length as to how a once ideologically dedicated Movement of Racial - Nationalists were transformed into a money making operation of which the Las Vegas Mafia would have been proud.
The National Front has never operated like that and it never will.
This however doesn't mean we don't desperately need donations, we do - but not for lavish black tie dinners where for an extra £500 you got to sit at the Leader's table (this isn't fictional by the way ).
No, the NF urgently needs money for important things such as expanding our Party newspaper "Britain First " into a monthly instead of a bi - monthly.  We now have a two roomed office thanks to the generosity of one of our newer members.  That office needs staffing.  At the moment it's in use when Party members can get time after work to carry on the rapid expansion currently engulfing the reborn Movement. 
They are just two examples - two - but two important ones. 
We do have quite a number of members and supporters who do give regularly often through direct debits what they can afford. 
The NF is eternally grateful for those donations but they cannot cover the expansion of our Movement. 
We are building a legal White Revolution in this country with the goal of replacing the pimps, perverts and paedophiles who now infest our Government & the higher levels of our Civil Service, with decent honest White men and women. 
To take that further - that National Revolution must take place - through the ballot - from the streets & from a myriad other activities designed to stop the genocidal destruction of the White Race. 
With the stakes never been higher you can help us turn the Movement into a well run, professional fighting organisation that will ensure the existence of our Race and a future for White children. 
You can donate through the Pay Pal button on our website.  You  can add a voluntary donation to your membership.  You can post donations to our HQ PO Box. 
Every penny we receive takes some stress from our Front line lads and lasses who are our streets paying from their small incomes for the things they need to promote the NF. 
So give what you can and when you can. We will never become a disgusting money laundering operation such as Griffins BNP became, but because of that we trust YOUR commitment and dedication not by the amount you donate but by  the fact that you recognise that in helping the Front out financially you are saying to the White folk of Britain that you back a truly White Nationalist organisation.
Eddy Morrison

Monday, 10 August 2015

Is Facebook killing White Nationalism?

Most people know that I don't have time for Facebook.  I have three reasons. Firstly I literally have so much more important things to do to help get our great Movement going forward that the 'luxury' of spending time chatting with friends old or new has no place in my busy work schedule. 
Secondly on Ideological grounds.  Facebook is owned and run by a number of young prominent Jews.
Filling their already bulging pockets with ever more scheckles is not in my White Nationalist dialectic.
And thirdly I am truly horrified by the absolute rubbish posted on Facebook by people who under normal circumstances are thoughtful, comradely and mindful of other White Nationalists feelings. 
Social Media is only ever any good when it comes to promoting our Cause when it is well moderated and well regulated.
Tony Martin is the main OFFICIAL Moderator of the NF Facebook Site. He is also part of my NF Media Department team and as such has not only my personal backing but the backing of the whole National Directorate of the NF. 
Announcing activities; reports on NF events ; general political CONSTRUCTIVE discussion is all to be commended and in that way we can turn this Zionist Super Weapon against itself. As far as I am aware 99.9% of that which is posted on the Facebook NF page falls into these categories. 
It seems that the swarm of sites on Facebook supporting or supposedly supporting the Cause and our Movement are the true culprits. 
I hear until I am sick to the teeth of it of bitching  (both female and male), backbiting,  slander and general trouble making. The Movement has no place for it. I am even told - though at first I found it hard to believe - that members and supporters were posting on the Enemy Site - "Hope Not Hate".
I can tell you now that any paid up member of the NF who posts on an enemy site will face disciplinary action as well they should. 
We cannot stop non members who are supposedly Movement supporters posting on there but we can say that giving information, aid & comfort to the scum who run these Marxist sites is also engaging in anti - White activity! 
In conclusion I think Social media itself is spinning out of control and it is harming the NF. 
Whilst hundreds of members are engaged in positive political work to strengthen our Movement,  all this can be undone by some person with a personal axe to grind in the blink of an eye.
I also take STRONG issue with people who if they don't win whatever highly PERSONAL argument,  take it out on the NF - threatening to resign etc etc ad nauseum as if it is the fault of our Movement! The mentality seems to be that "if I can't beat this personal enemy then I'll show them by hurting the Movement ".
There never has been and there never will be a place for people within our ranks -and I include myself - who puts personal disputes before the fight we are engaging in for the 14 Words. 
We are in the middle of a GENOCIDAL BATTLE for the very existence of our Race and the future of our children and if people put that second to their own petty and in the end pointless tiffs with other White Nationalists then rest assured there are plenty of Comrades within our Movement who will not stand for it.
Our watchwords were given to us by our Spiritual Leader John Tyndall - HONOUR - LOYALTY - COMLMRADESHIP. 
Let those be all our watchwords

Eddy Morrison.  
Head to National Front Media & Publicity Department

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Remembering Britain’s Forgotten Heroes

By Nemesis

For the first time in over fifty years Nationalists held an open air rally in Trafalgar Square. The event took place on August 1st and it passed off entirely peacefully– there were around 40 present - but it was blanked (unsurprisingly) by the mainstream media.
This unique rally was a non party, non partisan affair, arranged through the strictly neutral offices of the London Forum. It brought together Nationalists from many parties and none. Among those taking part were prominent figures of the National Front (both past and present).

What united them was the common desire of British Nationalists to remember the ‘forgotten’ victims of Zionist crimes & Zionist terrorism – the British servicemen and other servants of The Crown, killed or injured in Palestine, and in the UK, by agents of the Haganah, the Irgun and the Stern Gang between 1945 and 1948 (when Palestine was a British Mandate).
Their atrocities included:

  • ·         The sadistic hanging - by piano wire - of two 20 year old British Army Sergeants, Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, in Netanya, Palestine, on 31 July 1947;
  • ·         The bombing of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, which resulted in nearly 100 deaths, both military and civilian, on 22 July 1946;
  • ·         The assassination of Rex Farran – mistaken for his brother Roy Farran, a high-ranking and distinguished SAS anti-terrorism specialist – by a letter bomb to the family home in May 1948;
  • ·         The bombing of the British Colonial Club in Trafalgar Square on 7 March 1947, which left many injured and maimed; and the cold-blooded mass murder of over 100 Palestinian civilians, including women and children, at Deir Yassin on 9 April 1948.

We say ‘forgotten’, but ignored would be a better word. These crimes have been expunged from the history books by the dark forces who govern our affairs and who fear exposure to the truth.
 After the rally, a successful in door meeting with speeches and film shows was held, and it was accompanied by demands that the Zionist zealots responsible for these appalling crimes – some of whom are still alive (and bragging) – be speedily be brought to justice.
A new organisation – Forgotten British Heroes Campaign – has been set up to continue this fight for justice. The event should become an annual one, and the meeting raised over £1,000 for a special fund to get things moving.
Details about the organisation, the event, and the subsequent meeting have been posted on YouTube:
It is nearly 70 years since these crimes took place, but it’s the FIRST time the victims have been publicly remembered. That says much about how history is taught in this country, and how the war dead are treated (and this was a WAR – albeit an undeclared one).
Without the 1917 Balfour Declaration there would have been no prospect of a Jewish homeland, and without Britain’s help in defeating Nazi Germany in 1945, there would have been no Palestine for the Zionists to inherit, and no State of Israel for them to create. For our kindness, aid and support to the Zionist cause, Britain only got back treachery, ingratitude and bloodshed in exchange.
The Establishment may have ‘forgotten’ about what took place between 1945 and 1948. But we haven’t  ‘forgotten’ and we NEVER will!